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Exclusive: Vijay Antony’s Pre Release Review

Vijayantony, Prerelease, Review, Exclusive.

Starring Vijay Antony in the lead role the film Indrasena is all set for the release the November 30th, Mean while the close source of APNEWSCORNER have got the preview talk of Vijay’s film and it is quite good.

The movie has got screened to few audiences or a preview one of our associate watched the movie. The movie has Vijay Antony in the dual role for the first time and it is providing more and more anticipation as well.

The movie has got interesting political drama with a deep story line of family relations as well. Interval bang went so cool with an unexpected twist and second half lead to the flashback of one of the Hero’s. The movie will be getting critical acclaim and if mass audience go connected with this, this can be another Bicchagadu for the Tamil hero in Telugu.

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Vijayantony, Prerelease, Review, Exclusive.

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