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Kamma and Kaapu caste Controversial comments by Kathi Mahesh on Nandi awards

Kamma, Kaapu, Mahesh Katthi, PawanKalyan.

Andhra Pradesh government has posted out the list of Nandi Awards for 2014, 2015 and 2016 years all the way. There gone lot of criticism over the films that were not getting any possible award like Manam and few other films.

Mega family fans are not happy with this kind of juncture from Jury of Nandi awards. Now Mahesh Katthi has posted some controversial comments on this Nandi award thing.

" Ainaa Kammolla (Chowdaries) Rajyam lo Kaapu(Kapu community) ki award lu enduku andi. Mee Kaapu Samrajyam Pawan Kalyan tecchedaka agaleraa. Mega family appudu panchukondi Pappulu bellalu " he posted this contra statement on his face book wall with a Eye tickling symbol as well. Mahesh is getting huge criticism for his behaviour on social media using caste words.

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Kamma, Kaapu, Mahesh Katthi, PawanKalyan.

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