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Ami Thumi Review: Indraganti's Experimental comedy works out as positive hit - 09-06-2017
Indraganti Mohan Krishna is one peculiar director in Telugu cinema who always pro fails out with an interesting out line. But sadly he failed for the past many years where in Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha worked well and his earlier film with Nani titled Gentleman was also a too good film. Now the film Ami Thumi was out in the theatres and lets see how it worked.

Lead Cast: Adivi Sesh, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Eesha and others
Director: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Producer: K C Narasimha Rao

The story runs between two young couple Srinivas Avasarala - Aditi, Adivi Sesh - Eesha. Where in Vennela Kishore is a kind of Bakara roped for the things to happen. This film has some twisting and routine story line but Indraganti managed it with some positive energy of comedy and screen play too.

Vennela Kishore is main pillar and perfect person who made the film got topnotch on its own ground. His crispy timing and perfectly written dialogues managed the film to go on totally on his shoulders.

The story is routine but the line the director managed is surely different.

Srinivas Avasarala, Advi Sesh and Eesha managed to the expectations and the comedy is main asset for this movie amidst few sentimental scenes in the second half.

Second half is little bit down fall when compared to first half where in Tanikella Bharani character is little bit not convincing for the viewers. The story did not fit him in the right place and Bharani too had some over action scenes of his kind.

Other than Eesha the other heroine Aditi Myakal who framed herself on great grounds with social media actress went bad. Her action is not right into the way and she was a disaster.

Parent's character holders of Eesha too made some over action scenes all the way. Songs on screen should have taken really well. Much more crispy screenplay would have worked really well.

Cinematography did work well where music by Mani Sharma also stood tall.

Director Indraganti managed the witty dialogues of his own kind and they came out really well

Indraganti Mohan Krishna's pure comedy experimental film Ami Thumi worked out at parts for sure where Comedy is the major ad runner for this film. Vennela kishore truly managed the film on his shoulders and got it on perfect blend. This film might get good talk in A centres but B, C cant take it much. Any way the multiplex audience can manage the film to give up good collections for sure which is lower budget as well. This slap stick comedy starts of slow but establishes really well and gives lot of laughing in lot times. Watch it with your family for this weekend.
Andagadu Review: Another Hit film range for Hebah and Raj Tarun pair again - 02-06-2017
Hero Raj Tarun is having some good and decent his in the recent times his lucky pair with Hebah Patel has always got some positive vibes in his career. The Andagadu film was tipped now as new family entertainer from Raj Taurn.

The movie trailer too was interesting as the hero himself is the big kind blind guy in the movie. Raj Tarun has some guts to accept such role as all other heros are trying for routine partial stories. Now the review of the movie is out here and watch it.

Lead Cast: Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel, Rajendra Prasad and others
Director: Veligonda Srinivas
Music Director: Sekhar Chandra
Producer: Anil Sunkara

Gautham - Raj Tarun lives in Vizag his job is Radio Jackie. He is blind from his birth but wants to hide it from Netra - Hebah Patel as he don't want to get pity from the girl at all. She realises later on about his lies and goes mad because he his the main fact and leaves him eventually.

She also brings in an eye operation for Gautham where the eye vision for her is so better to work out for. Gautham and Netra starts loving each other as Gautham got eyes both can see each other but the misunderstanding between them goes as the blind relation is falling off.

Gauthami now knows about a ghost Rajnjith Kulakarni - Rajendra Prasad who is the one donated eyes to Raj Taurn. Rajendra Prasad is the one who brings back the love life best for Raj Tarun.

Raj Tarun was big positive for the film he did well as blind guy also Rajendra prasad character is so top notch and he too worked on it very well.

Hebah Patel was seen as good performer for this movie.

Raja Ravindra is villian for the film other actors did well.

The bigger negative point for the movie is the film goes so flat on the grounds of a routine story peppered with some kind of ghost and blind concept from hero. The second half is purely predictable where in there the movie started downfall in various norms. Andagadu is a good film but with such poor background music the scenes did not get pure elevation like expected. The comedy can be said good positive but it lead for not much time. Hebah Patel character was so limited.

Cinematography is bigger asset MR Varma is ok with editing.

Hit album from Sekhar Chandra was impressive on screen too Screenplay is also a major positive for the film.

On a whole, Andagadu film is a clean some entertainer can be watched with the family for weekend. The comedy is bigger energetic where screenplay is purely engaging. Though the film has blind hero concept it was delt with clean humour. Revenge angle and few other things are taken off with unconvincing scenes though but it will considerably mint good numbers at the box office. The proper promotion would surely bring in family audience into the movie.
Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam review: Partially good partially boring - 26-05-2017
Hero Naga Chaitanya is definitely well known for the love stories of his. The way he selects the scripts with perfect goosebump love saga in it is so awesome. Right from Ye Maaya Chesave to recent Premam movie the hero is taking his best off to give  a love story in his career. The latest film of his Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam directed by Kalyan Krishna of Soggade Chinni Nayana fame released today lets see how the movie went on.

Lead Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Rakul Preet Singh and others
Director: Kalyan Krishna
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Nagarjuna

Bhramaramba - Rakul Preet Sing is a cool girl in village. Her father Sampath has lot of love and caring for her. She is so stubborn and comes to City during a cause. Siva - Naga Chaitanya meets her in Hyderabad and he fells in love with her. Bhramaramba later on warns Siva not to love her but can be friend of her.

Bhramaramba at one juncture leaves Naga Chaitanya and goes as he is still in love with her. The later on story deals with how Chaitanya got her things back with the Bhramaramba. The total film is based through the character of Rakul Preet Singh where in the performance of her is shown so stand still.

The attitude action and performance of Brahahamarabha aka Rakul Preet Singh is so awesome.

Naga Chaitanya did his best as Siva and gave the best moments in dance and action sequences too.

The second half is where the actual family drama begins and the proceedings become quite interesting with a good screenplay and fast based narration.

Jagapati Babu and Sampath worked as their best roles.

Kishore Vennela's comedy did work out.

Second half is major plus for the movie.

The bigger negative for this movie is flat sequences that come after the exact story enters into. The pace goes on down and down all the way. Pretty routine and normal scenes test your patience. Ninne Pelladatha story line was tricked in this major scripted film.

The songs placement is so not great and can't be enjoyed. Songs and music did not work great on screen at all. The work of Devi is totally misused by the director.

Kalyan Krishna who managed Soggade Chinni Nayana  partially failed to succeed this film compared to SCN range.

Lot of comedy can be put into this big script but nothing like that happened.

Finally, Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam is a cool family entertainer with not great and wonderful but good moments. The performance of Naga Chaitanya would be so strong considerably. Even though the first half is pretty ordinary, the makers add good drama, with few emotions and love story in the second half. Summer season might help this film to bring in family audience into the theatres. The expectations on the film may have to pay lot of impact on the revenue.
Keshava Review: Nikhil Siddharth started his hit streak again? - 19-05-2017
The combination of Sudheer Varma and Nikhil Siddharth gifted us the film Swamy Rara which was one of the best comedy and crime entertainers. Now the both together came in
to make out a new film named Keshava and it is going on the saga of revenge drama.

Nikhil Siddharth is having lot of hopes on this movie as his earlier film Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada is some what good in minting collections.

Lead Cast: Nikhil Siddharth, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar and others
Director: Sudheer Varma
Music Director: Sunny M.R
Producer: Abhishek Nama

Keshava - NIkhil's parents will die in a car accident during his childhood in which he and his sister will be survived with huge injuries. He grows up and wants to take revenge out for their parents. He want to find out who made this car accident and why. Later on he brings out interesting ways to kill them.

Meanwhile police will be trying to catch the serial killer Keshava and entire police department will go heat on his issue. The film deals with how he took the revenge but did not go caught with police.

Nikhil Siddharth's role is very much intense in good script film. The looks of him with beard is so much natural too. He got some well expressions in the entire movie.

Rithu Varma worked as his college mate for Siddarth.

Vennela Kishore character is so unique.

Pelli Choopulu fame Priyadarshi as hero's friend is just fine.

Isha koppikar was taken for police character and the actress really did well.

Keshawa engages the audience with it for sure. First half is very much good and engaging.

The main problem with this movie is second half should have been dealt perfectly well. The director did not concentrate much on the screenplay of second part and it ruined the entire film. The kind of grip in narration interest created on the first half did not pose out for the second half at all. This is not acceptable to normal audience.

Also this film is going to be appealed for special section of audience as it does not have minimum entertainment base unless few laughs. Negative points and boring scenes are dealt a lot in the second half a lot .For B and C centres this movie will surely be a average to below average one.

On a whole the movie Keshava has some interesting appealing points to discuss with. Director Sudheer Varma grabbed the excellent revenge drama in the first half and lost the same on second half with some illogical and useless scenes. Director would have narrated the film with equal grip all the time. That was missing. Main positive thing to watch for is Nikhil Siddharth's performance songs and cinematography. If at all the second half was good this would be another Karthikeya or Swamy Rara for sure.
Venkatapuram Movie review, The crime thriller didn't satisfy until last frame - 12-05-2017
Venkatapuram movie makers tried to impress with some interesting notes of trailer and other positive promos.The makers are so eager to bring some different film onto the Telugu cinema. It looked like a murder mystery altogether and lets see how it worked out.

Lead Cast: Rahul, Mahima Makwana and others
Director: Venu Madikanti
Music Director: Achu
Producer: Shreyas Srinivas

Anand - Rahul is a guy with happy going in his life. He works for pizza corner shop. Chitra - Mahima Makwana enters into his life all of a sudden and he starts liking her. Mean time about 4 5 incidents change the life of both. This leads to the murder of Chiatra and the hero knows it only through a TV news.

He was also involved into the case by police. SI Durga prasad - Ajay launches the victim as Rahul who is stated to be the murderer. This lands Rahul into big problem. The questions like What happened to Chitra why Rahul killed her are going to be revealed in the end of the film.

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Happy days Rahul turned out as good actor and did his best. He impressed with the looks and action of his.

Mahima Makwana is so cute and was wonderful in her character.

Ajay Ghosh too did a wonderful job.

The bigger minus for Venkatapuram is the first half itself. The dragged scenes are so much boring that it will be testing your patience. Mahima and Rahul chemistry was not shown so great on the screen but with some little rapport Rahul will be flinging to do anything for the actress. This is so illogical and can be questioned for sure. Dragged scenes in the second half are too much worried.

Screenplay was good in parts but when it comes to the climax scenes director looks like so much of wrapping it off. Venkatapuram title itself too has not much justification. The debut couple needs more maturity in chemistry making.

Diractor Venu the new comer has given story and screenplay along with direction for this movie.

Achu Music can be said highlight for this movie. Songs and background musics are so suiting.

Cinematography is another positive point. Where in the major highlight would be the best story director raised out and wrote in.


Finally, Finally Venkatapuram movie is a new age thriller with some interesting things to discuss for. Story line itself is so much impressive but the new director was unable to handle it really well. The story treatment can be in new way but Venu did not look into it in a better way. The curiosity raised for the interval bang but for the second half it did not carry out really well. The film has a young team working on it but the old saga of screenplay is so annoying. The thriller experiences are caught good by cinematographer for sure. Watch for the performances, songs and cinematography.
Sharwanand's Radha movie review, Not great like Express Raja or Run Raja Run - 12-05-2017
Actor Sharwanand is bringing up back to back hits like RUN RAJA RUN, Express Raja and Shatamanam Bahvati with some amazing content in his films.Though he has some predictable stories the comedy and fun was taking the films on to a good level. Now Radha is new film of Sharwanand where in the hero is tackling it in non festival season lets see how it worked for him.


Lead Cast: Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi and others
Director: Chandra Mohan Chintada
Music Director: Radhan
Producer: BVSN Prasad

Radha Krishna - Sharwanand is a police officer who is transferred to Hyderabad. His attitude is always fun loving and wants to serve the department is such a funny way. He will be getting into an issue with to be chief minister candidate Sujatha - Ravi Kishan.

Radha brings up detailed silent investigation on villain Sujatha and finds out he is a hard core criminal who wants to grab the state into his hands . The rest of film shows how Sharwa tried to stop Sujatha being the chief minister of the state and how Radha faced problems i it.

The total film will be run on perfect ought comedy base. Sharwannad as Radha Krishna made it happen long way. Radha is a pure fun loving cop and the character was did superb by Sharwanand.

The character was tailored take the young hero to another level in his career and Sharwa does full justice and comes with good output. His comedy timing and romantic angle was well used by director.

Ravi Kishan from the fame of Race Gurran did his best.

Sharwa and Lavanya's chemistry is good.

The film's biggest minus is its story as no one will show any proper interest on this predictable drama. The hero is not that mass person but the story suits a lot for mass hero only. Villian's track is almost like seen in Race Gurram movie.

After the main twist reveals in second half which one is already predicted by maximum audience movie has no main saga point to watch for the last 15 minutes are quite predictable and routine.

Lavanya is always trying to show herself in some traditional and normal characters which is so quite boring.

Director's safe game is ok but it was not that impressive the last 15 minutes.

Saptagiri comes at parts and did ok.

Shakalaka Shankar comedy worked out

Music is good by songs are not so great on screen.

On a whole the film Radha is prolonged routine drama with some finest comedy here and there. Sharwa was seen as mass police officer for the first time and he gets decent marks for the character. You can watch it once for Sharwanand, Shakalaka shankar comedy scenes, First half and audible songs. After Mister kind of family movie debacle this film might pinch family audience for sure into the theatres.It has some decent elements on family background so lets see how it is going to work for.
Baahubali 2 Review: Rajamouli raised the Indian cinema standard to another level, Must watch film - 28-04-2017
The most awaited films of this generation would be hitting first place with Baahubali and Baahubali The Conclusion for sure. The Rajamouli directorial Baahubali The Conclusion raised lot of hype and bar for the conclusion because of the questions the first part raised out. Basically Prabhas starter film has bigger question Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali and it will be answered with this epic drama. The film released today in theatres and lets see how much impact it left out at the box office and at the minds of audiences.

Lead Cast: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka Shetty, Tamannaah and others
Director: SS Rajamouli
Music Director: MM. Keeravani
Producer: Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni

The second part is story of how Amarendra Baahubali was killed and Mahendra Baahubali the son of Amarendra takes the revenge. Amaranedra Baahubali was about to take the king chair in Mahishmati kingdom where in his fells in love with Anushka - devasena mean while.

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Sivagami the step mother of Amarendra who already promised to marry Devsena with Rana - Bhhallala deva cancels the king place with Prabhas and gifts it to Rana in turn gives Devasena to Prabhas. Considerably the distance between Prabhas and Sivagami comes so huge. This leads Kattappa to kill Baahubali and the reason should be watched on screen. 

Prabhas is the one whom we should discuss about. He excelled in his professional way as Mahendra Baahubali and as Shivudu too. The way he dealt with the emotions scenes while leaving Mahishmathi and understanding the intentions of Bhallala Deva are pretty much good.

Anushka has got excellent stature in this movie as Devasena and Kuntala Rajyam was shown off with an excellent gesture.

Interval bang was pretty much interesting for this movie where in climax, pre climax episodes will be like never on Indian screen. Kunthala Rajyam was well portrayed with beautiful scenes. All the views in the film will gain lot of attention.

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Coming to the negative points there are not many though unless few logical explanations got missing and story was not too strong as everyone thought it would be like. Attire of Baahubali and Rana could have been better. Very little bit lengthy episodes are unable to manage.

Tamanna character was almost zero in the second part. She did not even have a dialogue in this. They tried to make some laughing scenes but it did not work well at all. Kattappa - Baahubali scenes at Kunthala Rajyam are positive on comedy but did not go pretty much awesome.

Rajamouli's hard work and his team's dedication was clearly seen in every part of the film. His vision was captured well on the big screen by all the technicians.

The major highlight for this movie would be Background music and VFX effects. The excellent work of Keeravani and Sabu Cyril seriously showed the reward on screen.
Performances of actors and actresses too are behind the major part done by these two.

The movie had bigger things to discuss for like cinematography and action sequences.

Senthil excelled in it where action stunts are taken pretty much care of. Two war fare dramas were shown in the first and second half consecutively raised the film into another range.

Finally, Baahubali The Conclusion is one big and wonderful conclusion that Indian panorama would wait for. Indian film history has never seen such a great two part film with huge grandeur earlier. Baahubali is a game changer trend setter and everything in the history of Indian cinema. Collections would be crossing 1000crores for sure worldwide until the full run.

Rajamouli's vision, Senthil's magical cinematography, Prabhas performance, Sivagami's struggle, VFX from Cyril, Keeravani's music makes this Epic war fare drama a must must must watch. Raising the bar of Indian cinema to a greater extent Baahubali the conclusion and Baahubali the beginning both will remain as the pride of Indian cinema.
First internet review of Baahubali 2 The Conclusion is out - 26-04-2017
The famous Umair Sandhu review is out for the most awaited Baahubali 2 movie already. The review was extended to be as fantastic norm as the result. The critic Dandhu states that Baahubali 2 can be easily comparable by Harry Potter series and Lord Of The Rings as well.

The writer states that Mind blowing story screenplay with amazing dialogues have saved the film to a international extent.The writer gave out explanation that box office will get the big time block buster now in soon time. He said the movie will be classical and epic in the history of Indian cinema. Grand sets VFX, sound, editing and cinematography are the higher stated ethical positives for the movie.

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The execution by Rajamouli is so much bigger and considerably film is going to mint huge revenue. "No Indian storyteller comes close to what S.S. Rajamouli shows the vision of his screen " The end note by Umair Sandhu.

Coming to the performances issue Umair said that Baahubali 2 had some beautiful and stunning performances from all the actors and actresses in it as the story itself has given some strong and subjective roles to the people in the movie things did work out well.

"Prabhas and Rana should give special mention as per the action of their as the tug of war is carried out so well. Anushka Shetty gave career best performance in the film. Bijjaladeva and Sivagami emotional scenes did manage to leave some good impact. The final answer for why Kattappa Killed Baahuali cannot be expressed though but the reasonable scenes for the epic question's answer did good on screen. Supporting roles from nazzer and Subbaraju are too good." stated Umair Sandhu.
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CGI works are the positives in war fare where one would remind the range of a Hollywood action film watching Baahubali on screen.
Varun Tej's Mister Review - 14-04-2017
Director Sreenu Vaitla is posing out series of plops like Dookudu and Bruce Lee such that he did not get any proper offer for his career as well. The director is so in problems financially too after the disasters. None of the heros gave a chance but Varun Tej tried to work with Vaitla on this basis. Now the film Mister starring Varun Tej and Lavanya Tripati, Hebah Patel is out. Lets see how the film went.

Lead Cast: Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripati, Hebah Patel and others
Director: Sreenu Vaitla
Music Director: Mickey J. Mayer
Producer: Nallamalupu Bujji and  Tagore Madhu

Chai - Varun Tej is the one who lives with his parents in Spain. His grand father Nassar lives in a small village in Andhra Karnataka border. Hebah Patel - Meera comes to visit Spain on some holiday and lives with Chai's family and turns out to be good friend for theirs. Chai thinks that she is loving him but after few interesting scenes he gets to know she is already having a boy friend

Chai will not take it deeper and leaves her. Boy friend of Meera gets a warning at the same time from Meera's brother. Boy friend of her turns against to her and states the situation to his inability. Meera seeks help of Chai and he comes India to bring the couple together where he meets Chandramukhi - Lavyana Tripathi over there. The new woman too is facing problem from this gang and Varun tries to console the things.

The positive thing for the movie is Varun Tej's cool action. His styling is good and the dance movements, fight sequences added his own venture. He developed a lot on his plot.

Hebah Patel and Lavanya did their part well.

Other comedians are ok.

The routine plot is bigger time negative thing for the movie where in  villain characters and lot of sub plots ruined this routine drama. The comedy confusion thing was lifted into villian confusion thing by Sreenu Vaitla this time. Sreenu's interest of too many villains  doesn't seem great on a upcoming hero like Varun Tej. Comedy is the bigger point for sreeenu Vaitla film but it was a let down. Second half is not at all good and people are clinching it until climax.

Sreenu Vaitla got some good episodes in Spain and the first half passed on ok range. There are punches on Srimanthudu film and Oopiri as well. Songs on screen are good where in cinematography leads the gag.

Mickey J Meyar did not give the back ground music well at all.

Editing is crispy.

Finally, Mister film did not bring any even results to Varun tej or Sreenu Vaitla where in both are so eager to bring in a hit. Summer holidays might help some revenue for this movie but there is not at all a perfect content in this film. Rich production failed with worst plot of all. Comedy too was not in great flavour as one would watch Sreenu Vaitla movie for the same. This movie is definitely not recommended.
Kaatru Veliyidai (Cheliyaa)Review: Mani Ratnam's another magic works with some clinches - 07-04-2017
Director Mani Ratnam is known for some amazing films and takings. The director has always some good and positive atmosphere  in Indian cinema especially when it comes to love stories. Director has made the good comeback of his where in they have got the OK Bangaram a decent hit. Cult classical director Ratnam here comes again with Cheliyaa where Karthi will be seen as a military pilot who chances upon an Army doctor played by Aditi Rao. Lets see how the film went.


Lead Cast: Karthi, Aditi Rao Hydari and others
Director: Mani Ratnam
Music Director: AR Rahman
Producer: Mani Ratnam

Main plot of Kaatru Veliyidai (Cheliyaa in Telugu) opens up in Srinagar of Kashmir. In Rawalpindi prison, prisoner Varun ( Karthi ) recollects his love Leela ( Aditi Rao ) Leela is a doctor who works at military hospital Srinagar, falls in love with Varun who is a pilot at Army base (There is a twist how the prisoner comes as Army person later). The basic story is so different like Mani Ratnam films and he dealt it with some good scenes to discuss for.

Everyone will fall with the love of Karthi for the heroine his character as young Army man was dealt with wonders.

Aditi Rao glamour is another big positive thing for the film.

First half has Full of Intense moments considering the Kashmir beauty, the valley wonders.

The routine story is biggest draw back of this film. Along with few meaning less conversations which went pathetically slow and very boring. The chemistry between lead pair is good but looks like so much forced at lot of scenes. Love travel was made so decently well but the reasons for it are unfinding. Aditi rao character needed to be described in another possible way as the character lost out of logics a lot as she says a lot about her profession but leaves everything for hero in untimely manner.

Story seems to be a very normal love story but Mani's taking of their characters with some immense and core interest makes this a feel good at lot times. Mani Ratnam made the lead characters always discusses about the love, marriage and live in relationships.

The masterclass touch is too good and interesting all the way Rahaman's music mildly takes us to all new place and makes us feel the love. Rerecording has done very good storms.

Cinematography stands tall for the entire film.

Finally, Cheliyaa might be appealing to multiple audience just like OK Bangaram does. AR Rahman did the best magic he can do all the way. Visible views of Kashmir, Leh valley, Camera candid shots, Songs, Back ground music, Karthi's performance are what you have to look forward for. As the film is bagged with rights of Dil Raju in Telugu a decent promotions will bring in some good revenues for the film. Lot of boring and meaningless scenes though but this is not a complete disaster at box office. It will clinch with the support of Mani Ratnam cult fans and multiplex movie lovers.
Venkatesh's Guru Movie Review and Talk - 31-03-2017
Saala Khadoos is a Tamil and Hindi film where in Madhavan was seen as boxing coach raises a student of his into greater standards. Sudha Kongara the director adopted this film into Telugu which is a big risk where in she got into Venkatesh lead character it actually was  a good experiment. The title GURU was all set for this movie trailer too was interesting. Lets see how guru does in theatres today.

Lead Cast: Venkatesh, Ritika Singh and others
Director: Sudha K Prasad
Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan
Producer: Shashikanth

Aditya (Venkatesh) is an aggressive boxing coach who always has the problems with the sports personalities. After a serious issue with him at the heads of association. Aditya is transferred as coach to young women boxers in Vizag. He goes there without any choice and he gets a slum girl Ramudi and Rithika singh over there.

She is so careless and raw fighting girl he chooses her as boxing candidate and starts up her training. The twist in the tale arises when Ramudiu loves Aditya and not the boxing ring anymore.The film shows how the coach moulded her into positive ways.

Victory Venkateh has given some awesome and amazing performance for this movie. Guru is Venkatesh character mark a film and he just nailed it. The emotional characters were good carried by both of them. Venkatesh did not show any useless heroism.

Ritika too did her best and the action of her went very subtle.

The second half is said to be bigger minus for this movie where Jindigi jingidi song did not match with the mood of Venkatehs on screen. The pace of film is so dull at lot times. The film is quite serious and does not have much entertainment. Venkatehs did not display any entertainment with his character too. Guru went technically good but second half is sure a let down.

The director Sudha focused it so good on interval bang and climax scenes which are very impressive.

Santhosh Narayanan's music was good

Editing is good.

Back ground music too was average.

Finally Guru movie has some interesting points to deal with Some good scenes including first half, Interval bang and climax fight went on with good note where Sudha Kongara did her best. Though there are some drawbacks like slow dragging narration this weekend Guru will surely give you what you are looking for. Guru is one film which will surely impress you your family as well. Katamarayudu and Rogue are going with some bad talk so lets see how GURU works with positive mouth talk.
Katamarayudu review: This movie brings the mania of Pawan Kalyan back at the box office - 24-03-2017
Powerstar of Telugu cinema Pawan Kalyan raised the bar of expectations with his earlier film  Sardaar Gabbar Singh and drenched it as a bigger plop in his career. The distributors too faced agony where he made out Katamarayudu a village mass masala film to come back into his arena. Now the film got released into theatres. Directed by Dolly of Gopala Gopala and Tadaka fame this movie has grabbed out all attention currently. Lets see how the film made at theatres


Lead Cast: Pawan Kalyan,  Shruti Haasan and others
Director: SK Satya
Music Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani (Dolly)
Producer: Sharrath Marar

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Katamarayudu is head of the village near Kurnool. The hero has 4 brothers who are SIvabalaji, Chaitanya Krishna, Kamal and Ajay. Comedian Ali is the lawyer for this family where he gets bail for Rayudu and other brothers in all cases. Katamrayudu does own lot of businesses where the parents of his dies in childhood itself.

Katamarayudu hates women and he stiffs himself for not getting marred, While the brothers wanted to get married and they already has a girl friend each. So they want their brother Katamaratyudu to get married and now they bring in Shruti Haasan who visits their village on a purpose. Shruti starts liking Pawan kalyan and his attitude, Pawan too loves her but doesn't open his mind at all.

Sruthi is the one who hates violence totally. They both get closer before the interval bang, Where she got to see how violent is Mr.Rayudu. She goes on shock and goes out of Katamarayudu's life after this, The second half deals with how Katamrayudu got her back and how he dealt about the family revenge drama of Sruthi Hassan. Nasser plays the father of Sruthi.

The film got totally bounced on the shoulders of Pawan kalyan with his dialogues, Manerisms and other drama. First half of the film is so apt for Pawan Kalyan as he went well with an absolute story of comedy and entertainment. Jivvu jivvu laguna song gave goosebumps to the fans. Fights are major highlights and they are about 5 fights in the film.

Shruti Haasan did her best in songs she had some good lines to speak.

The major drawback of the film is story, There is no proper story and the old routine thing was included. The revenge of heroine's father becomes the revenge of Pawna kalyan without any interesting reason. This annoyes the movie lovers to the core. Songs on screen or not that great excluding Jivvu jivvu laaguna. Director Dolly would have taken much care of the quality as well. Cinematographer did not do much in the songs. Climax would have been added like another conceptual fight.

Finally, Katamarayudu shows how well can a remake movie be fitted into the native language. Dolly adapted Veeram so well that he took the entire theme from the original and wrote lot of own scenes for us. Katamarayudu has the best mass elements Kalyan fans never experienced earlier. With some drags and so so climax which are negatives. Elevations, mass material, completeness, Fights and most importantly Kalyan's one man show makes this routine story a Super Hit.
Gunturodu Review - Manchu Manoj Did his best but with old story - 03-03-2017
Manchu Manoj is the one who had some hard hitting career with cool ups and downs in his career. The new film of his Gunturodu targeted totally to the mass people all the way. Directed by Satya the film got hit the screens today and lets see how it turned out.


Lead Cast: Manchu Manoj, Pragya Jaiswal and others
Director: SK Satya
Music Director: DJ Vasanth
Producer: Sree Varun Atluri

The story is of a happy go lucky guy in Guntur city named Kanna- Manoj. He goes into a fight with a criminal lawyer named Seshu- Sampath in which he gets very bigly injured. Now the things go upset when Seshu starts looking for Kanna and targets his father who is none other than Rajendra Prasad. Later on Kanna fells in love with Amritha Pragya Jaiswal who is coincidentally sister of Sampath the villain.

The rest of the story deals how the normal middle class guy like Kanna got a war with Seshu and married his sister.

The story is so routine where Manchu Manoj made the one man show. The impressive mass avatar of his and new looks are the things to watch for. He did gave some super dialogues and high action fights too.

Sampath is bigger asset for the film as he rocked with his performance. Sampath's  character has been written quite interestingly and he does a superb job as Seshu. Sampath's character is very strong where it lead a good first half as well.

Biggest minus point of this film is very routine and old story. Also there is not much entertainment which is always present in one or the other Manchu Manoj film. The romantic track between the lead pair is also not at all impressive. Climax of the films gone in vain with a silly entry of Rao Ramesh as minister. The film has lot of repetitions of hero villian track all the way. Manoj though showcased good in the film with cinematography but few songs were not putup properly.

DJ Vasanth's Music is good.

Director Satya did ok with this movie.

Production values are needed to be good.

Gunturodu on a whole is purely aimed on to the mass movie lovers. Manchu Manoj impresses in new massy avatar. Sampath's performance gives the movie some extreme moments to look for. Dragging narration and repetitive scenes are the big let down. The racy action episodes and Manchu Manoj are the things to watch for. Looks like Manoj needs to wait for another movie to get a massive hit .
Sai Dharam Teja's Winner Movie Review - 24-02-2017
With the last film of his Thikka Sai Dharam Tej gained a plop in his bag and now got his bag back with Gopi Chand Malineni. Winner film got released today with the hotness of horses along with Rakul Preet Singh. Jagapati Babu too played some crucial role in this. Winner trailer looked as a commercial potboiler all the way. The average trailer lead to not great expectations on this routine saga. Lets see how the film went on the screen atleast.


Lead Cast: Sai Dharam Teja, Rakul Preet Singh, Jagapati Babu and others
Director: Gopichand Malineni
Music Director: S. Thaman
Producer: Nallamalupu Bujji

Mahindar Reddy - Jagapathi Babu is one of the best jackies in India. He is having millions of assets with him but he leaves out the house for the girl he loves and ignores his father Mukesh Rishi. Later on when the son SIddarth (Sai Dharam Teja) comes into his life his wife dies and Mahindar reddy leads a life feeling son as his world.

Mahindar Reddy's father after that gonna be getting huge losses in his business where the horses are left out on failure nod. Partners of Mahindra Reddy's father wanted to bring back Mahindar reddy and his father plans to create ruckus between father and son Mahindar and Siddarth. He works on it where Siddarth leaves the house with anger on his father Mahindar.

Siddarth has the serious feeling that the horse races are what took his father away from him and he creates more anger on horse races. After 20 years Siddarth works as creative head of new look magazine where in Sitara is also racer he fells in love with her - Sitara is Rakul Preet Singh. But Rakul rejects the love of his. Sitara's father knowing about this love proposal arranges another marriage for Sitara, now as she wanted to escape from this marriage she lies that she is in love with Siddarth.

Now the whole point is who is the new groom for Sitara and how well he is connected with Sai Dharam Teja.

Sai Dharam Teja did his best with a good performance.

Jagapathi Babu nailed in his character.

Rakul Preet Singh
is one big positive thing for the movie with her glamour. Horse races visuals are too good.

3 songs on screen worked well.

Also Read - Allu Arjun's Duvvada Jagannadham teaser is out, full of dislikes

Gopichand Malineni got decent hits like Don Seenu, Balupu, Body Gaurd. He has the tag like minimum guarantee director but with Winner he is totally into routine commercial drama. The same old Don Sreenu screenplay has been irked into this film too. Second half is bigger minus where first half last 30 minutes is good. The main story is so routine and lagged a lot till the climax.

Thaman music also did not work out well.

Editing is very poor.

Back ground music too was average.

Finally, Finally the film Winner may not appeal to the audience where in they are looking out for something new these days. On one side we are taking films like Dhruva and Nannaku Prematho where in Winner kind of routine flicks are so boring to the audience with the same kind of making. The way director focused on same old plot is not recommendable. Sai Dharam Tej and Rakul are the saviours for this film. This commercial potboiler makes this winner a looser. One time watch and might not work at box office too well.
The Ghazi Attack Review: A bold attempt one should not miss to watch - 17-02-2017
Rana Daggubati keeping aside the franchize of Baahubali has always been into some extraordinary subjects over his career. Though they might be hits or plops but he let out with some good scripts all over. The similar way Rana accepted Ghazi script from Sankalp Reddy which shows in how Visakhapatnam people and port became part of the history to protect the Indian navy.

Lead Cast: Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon and others
Director: Sankalp Reddy
Music Director: K
Producer: PVP

The movie starts basically from 70s time where Pakistan Army sends a special submarine called Ghazi to their soldiers during the Bangladesh war. Ghazi can reach the Bangladesh only through Indian waters and it was also prepared to destroy the Indian war ship INS Vikrant.

This news comes into the ears of Indian navy authorities and the new mission starts then. The mission is to tackle the Ghazi submarine. The Indian navy brings in S 21 submarine with the team of officers Arjun Varma and others. The story shows how the team managed to bring down the purpose of Indian navy.

The attempt itself is the biggest positive point for this movie.

Right from hero Rana Daggubati to producer PVP who accepted this story line is so positively wished.

The young hero Rana seen as main officer with some powerful dialogues worked out absolutely well.

The emotional performances of each and every character stands out for the film. War time scenes gave heart to the film.

The melodrama was missing and more emotional content can be surely added. Tapsee's role too had not worked much with the result. The first half is little bit dull where as the second raised to the peak. For those who expect more VFX and war fare drama they are going to be much disappointed. The action scenes were limited as the total actin sequences are picturized under the water.

The way director Sankalp Reddy narrated it through out seizes us in the seats.

Back ground music by K is too good and appealing.

Cinematography by Madhi was so crucial at times

On a whole Ghazi is surely a wonderful attempt which shows the guts of PVP and Rana in one frame. Very unique film that Telugu cinema ever saw. The rare performances and gripping narration is on positive side where regular mass audience are not yet sure to get connected. These kind of films never visit the theatres often that too with this much if technical brilliance, Ghazi is one rare kind of one Don't miss it.
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