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Bethaludu Review - No where near to Bichagadu - 01-12-2016
It was so easy for Vijay Anthony to sell out the Saithan/ Bethaludu film showing off the success that Bichagadu movie has attained on large scale. Bichagadu was a big sensation in Telugu cinema it minted more than 30 crores and ran after 100+ days where star heros in Telugu are unable to do the same. TRP ratings of this movie has even beat out Pawan Kalyan's and Mahesh Babu films. Considering all this Vijay Anthony posed a lot for this new film and Saithan is finally out today.

Lead Cast: Vijay Antony, Alisha Abdullah, Arunthathi Nair and others
Director: Prathi Krishnamurthy
Music Director: Vijay Antony
Producer : Fathima Vijay Antony

Dinesh - Hero is an IT professional working in Hyderabad. He marries Arunthathi Nair - Aiswarya who was his acquaintance through a matrimonial website. The post marriage session of his is so poor and worst.

He clearly starts listening to his inner voice where the name Bethala character lives in him and it asks him to go for a suicide. His friend saves the hero from the suicidal incidents as well. He meets psychologists along with his boss and gets to know about his past life. He comes to known about Jayalakshmi, Sharma and his son. Movie goes on to find out who is the main culprit behind all this.

Vijay Antony as Dinesh worked too good for his role also as Sharma in the flash back his character absolutely went terrific. Hero  SAFE SIGNS: gets a lot for his variant roles and his best part to treat for. He always gains good marks as hero.

Heroines was good in her character.

The biggest negative for this movie is its slow pace turn. The movie totally goes on very slow pace which tests the patience of the movie lover. Bichagadu is the movie though was slow at times it gives some amazing feel when we are out the theatre but Saithan/Bethaludu gives drag feel a lot.

Last 15 minute are  so much lag and big minus for the film. Logic less scenes and reason less dialogues irritate you at times. Lucy movie of 2014 might gave some inspiration for the director but it did not go well at all.

Director Prathi Krishnamurthy would have taken good twists and turns for the film.

Screenplay of Bethaludu is good and engaging.

Dialogues went well too.

Cinematography is decent.

Songs by Vijay Antony are good. Back ground score and Vijay's performance are said to be highlights for this movie.

Finally, Bichagadu saga did not continue for Vijay Anthony with his lame script with over hype and poor pace of the film. There are not many bitnailing moments but one would wait for the movie to end. The film is said to be based on novel written by Sujatha ranganathan but it did not go properly adopted to the film. Climax is the biggest main point for the film and very good horror lovers can watch it for once.
Srinivas Reddy's Jayammu Nischayammu Raa Review - 25-11-2016
We have seen lot of comedians turning into heros in tollywood but the action of them is upto the mark all the time. Right from the days when Brahmanandam turned to be hero and later on Ali and others were into this.

Sunil made a successful career as hero and now Srinivas Reddy is testing his luck. After a super hit like Geetaanjali it took Srinivasareddy about 3 years to select a new script which is Jayammu Nischayammu Raa. Directed by Raj Kandukuri this movie has its own negatives and positives lets see both.

Lead Cast:  Srinivas Reddy, Poorna and others
Director: Raj Kandukuri
Music Director:  V. Ravichandran
Producer : Raj Kandukuri

The time takes us back to 2013 in this movie where in the un bifurcated Andhra Pradesh is still on the cards. Sarvamangalam an innocent guy( Srinivas Reddy) does always believe in his great guruji and calls him pitha (Jeeva). He takes all the orders from him for every minute problem or major happiness. The guy never carry his own self confidence by always relays on this Pitha himself.

After a lot of trails he gets a good government job in Kakinada city. He leaves his hometown promising his ill healthy mother that he will be back soon with a transfer to Karimnagar back again which is his own town. There in Kakinada everyone sees at the innocence side of his and he starts loving a woman named Rani- Poorna in Kakinada.

The girl works in a government office adjacent to him. He believes her as his lucky charm but becomes so frighten to propose  his love. The story goes on how he got her love and how he managed a transfer to his home town.

Srinivasa Reddy and his excellent action is the best time positive feel for this film. His innocence and comedy makes people enjoy a mode in theatres. We can see him as an actor rather than a hero the story was too moulded in the same way said.

Other crew was good and Poorna was seen in some beautiful homely look. The film though has low budget the casting was main interesting thing for the film. The real scenario of government offices were shown in the movie.

Comedy between the cast is good.

Songs and cinematography stands still.

Director Raj Kanumuri made best out of it.

The main negative for this movie would be run time.The length of the movie is 162 minutes which is very high and the screen play too is very slow which makes the people wait a lot in theatres. There are few scenes where the comedy is surely forced. Climax is main drawback for the second half which is not so different and clumsy too. The film managed technically sound but the songs taking should have been better by director.

On a whole Jayammu Nischayammu Raa is a one time watch with your family for this weekend to have some pleasant time in theatres. The comedy is good and you will be seeing a new innocent man in this mechanical lifes. Srinivasa Reddy is the main reason for each one of us to look on to. It has its own pros and cons but all you have to do is to book a seat full of patience to watch it.

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada Review - Nikhil is back on track - 18-11-2016
Hero Nikhil Siddharth is known for his amazing quality of films. Right from Happy Days though he lost some serious plot he was back with some interesting nods like Swami Rara, Karthikeya and Surya Vs surya Back to back hits gave him the neutral fans but suddenly Sankarabharanam was a disaster.

So now Nikhil has all the hopes on Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada starring Hebah Patel and Nandita Swetha behind him. Tiger director VI Anand made this film. Lets see how it goes.

Lead Cast:  Nikhil Siddharth, Hebah Patel, Nandita Swetha and others
Director: Vi Anand
Music Director: Sekhar Chandra
Producer : P.V.Rao

The story is all about a guy named Arjun - Nikhil who is always leading his positive life with a great problem to turn behind him. The sudden life of his takes a great adventure and goes totally upside down. Arjun takes his friend Vennela Kishore for a treatment of his and goes to Kerala.

He meets Amala - Hebah Patel over there who lives in the next cottage next to him. After some romantic scenes between Arjun and Amala the film gets into the big adventure chances.

Now at the interval perfect twist comes in where Nandita Swetha was shown as ghost.

The interval block carries utmost interest for the viewers. The second half shows the link between ghost , Arjun and Amala all in all.

Nikhil Siddharth was seen with best performance of his and he did it well too.

Nandita Swetha needs to give special applause for her excellent way of dealing the ghosts in her.

Heba was ok while Vennela Kishore was too good in his comedy timing.

Praveen and Prudhvi Raj and Vennela Kishore handled the comedy really well.

Avika gor made her cameo role too.

Film has the main plot as interval block which is too much highlight.

The biggest negative of this movie would be the dragging screen play in the second half. After first 20 mins in the second half movie was out of stand and it well not good at all. The brilliant nod by director in the first half was ruined in the second upto some extent.

Predictable scenes and poor graphics are way another negative too.

Hebah Patel was limited to only glamour role.

The interval block was brilliantly written by Vi Anand. The twist over there is carried on brilliant grounds. Story is also a strong point to discuss for. Don't miss the post interval comedy episodes.

Excellent cinematography.

Songs on screen are not so great and Back ground music by director Sekhar Chandra would have been better.

Finally, Final verdict of Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada would be interesting as the movie gives you the kind of comedy and good twists too. The work is too impressive in the end while makers need to have guts to produce these kind of stories. Watch it for the interesting plot gripping narration. One time sure watch where Nikhil has break the plop saga and was back with a hit with this movie.
Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo Review - Gautham Menon's routine saga - 11-11-2016
Naga Chaitanya is going on good stand with a decent hit called Premam, After a long wait he has got what he is waiting for that too a perfect love story which is set for Akkineni family all the time. Now the hero is all set for the movie Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo directed by Gautham Menon.

The combination of Gautham and Naga Chaitanya was never new and they both worked on for Ye Maaya Chesave which is a block buster love story years back. Now with Samantha aside they have got Manjima Mohan and trying to repeat the same magic.

Lets see how it goes.

Lead Cast:  Naga Chaitanya, Manjima Mohan and others
Director: Gautham Menon
Music Director:  A. R. Rahman
Producer : Miryala Ravinder Reddy

The story is about a above middle class guy Naga Chaitanya who wants to waste time till gets good offer in life. Here comes Leela is Manjima Mohan and they both got for a Kanyakumari road trip. There comes shocking instances in their life. Few people attacks on Leela and movie turns with few twists over there.

Naga Chaitanya's performance was good and the girl Manjima won the hearts not great like Samantha did for Ye Maaya Chesave but in this film too Gautham concentrated much on the heroine and focused her a lot.

First half of the movie is so good and visuals are stunning.

Chaitanya Akkineni is improving his standard of acting back to back. Chaitanya did his best as Lover boy.

Though the story line is new Gautham picked his own and routine style of screenplay which is purely predictable. Gautham has lot of reputation from the films like Surya Son of Krishna and Gharshana he wanted to keep that kind of emotional drama with a love story in it and Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo happened.

The expectations Manjima got on people did not reached up to the full extent. Zero percent comedy thus no entertainment factor at all. The dragging and routine scenes will bore on parts. The dragging screenplay and slow moving images will test the audience's patience lot of times.  The opening day with utmost publicity too the theatres are not at all full. About one and half year late release has got out zero interest for public on this film.

Gautham Menon kind of taking is so different and everyone loved the way Gautham dealt with the songs too.

The film has big asset who is AR Rahman where he drenched the audio with great nod.

Back ground music too was awestrucking.

Fighters were designed well and the story line is so new.

Songs were designed on great path.

Finally, Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo is a different kind of love story with routine scenes Gautham handled in his own style. The movie has its ups and downs but the interesting factor and goosebumps thing is definitely missing. This film is said to be inspired by a moment in the movie God father. Looks like Tamil people are going to receive it on great par than Telugus.

This film is definitely good in parts which make it surely a one time watch. Gautham Menon's direction, Director of photography and songs are the main things to watch for. Climax is a disappointment and few dragging scenes let this movie.
Naruda Donaruda Movie Review - Tanikella Bharani is the only saviour - 04-11-2016
Hero Sumanth Akkineni is known for his super hits like Godavari and Golkonda high school. The Akkineni lad is always doing best in prospecting out good movies but these days about having back to back 9 streaks of failures he was out of the genre and he did not pickup a good mood at all.

This time Sumanth is now confident on the new product of his which is Naruda Donaruda which is the official remake of Bollywood hit movie Vicky Donar. Starring Ayshman Kurana and Yami Gautham this film has got Pallavi Subhash and Sumanth in the Telugu roles.

Tanikella Bharani too played some interest nods here. The trailer and songs, Promotion too created out some interesting gesture for the movie.

Lead Cast:  Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani and others
Director: Mallik Ram
Music Director:  Sricharan Pakala
Producer : Y Supriya and John Sudheer Pudhota

Dr Anjaneyulu -Tanikella Bharani is an infertility specialist who is well known for the sperm count donors and giving out babies for the people with infertility. Now Dr Anjaneyulu finds out Vicky as the best person to deal with the sperm donor job out of all the has got.

Anjaneyulu wants him to test the sperm samples for his own and finally convinces Vicky to turn as sperm donor. He offers him some attractive money too. Vicky gets married to his love interest Aashima roy and later Aashima knows about the sperm donation of his. She reacts so serious and wants to be away from him.Sumanth convinces and reunites with Aashima Roy is the next story of the film.

Sumanth is good in the character of Vicky for sure but being into the story deeply he was out of the way with few dislikes as well.

Pallavi Subhash gained some negative marks all the way. She neither was gorgeous or was a good performer too.

The lead actors were surely dominated  by Tanikella Bharani who carried the movie totally on his shoulders.  Tanikella Bharani is so awesome and amazing note for the movie.

Suman Shetty has got some good role.

The biggest positive of this movie is the original story line taken by the Bollywood standard.

Interval bang was good.

The screenplay is the biggest minus of this movie followed by Nativity thing. Screenplay would have been much and more engaging, Original film Vikcy Donor plays a good role in screenplay thing but this Telugu version surely lacks it all the way.

Heroine got minus marks for her zero performance.

Director Mallik Ram is having lot of lack experience in direction and it was surely shown on screen. The same content with a new director would have definitely worked out. The major problem is Nativity issues and the second half is totally drenched into Bengali fame where mass or class audience will never get connected.

The dialogues written by Kittu vissapragada are very good without any vulgarity taken.

Songs are too good on screen and camera work is fine.

Finally, Naruda Donaruda is a okayish film with lot of negatives to deal with. There was entertainment here and there by the major changes to the original script would have worked it well. The movie does not have a proper execution at all and it completely drags the interest out of the film.

Unnecessary scenes are the biggest problem here. Performances too did not put this movie on high stand where Tanikella Bharani is the only saviour. Good humour here and there was of no use mostly. First half was good and entertaining but second half was not thing to watch at all. This film will surely not bring back the hit hero Sumanth on the track.
Karthi's Kaashmora Review - Blended with fun and horror - 28-10-2016
Hero Karthi along with his brother Surya always carry some good sort of market and fan following in the Telugu land too. The hero is known for decent family following after the films like Awara and Oopiri. Oopiri movie got him good range in Telugu and now the KAASHMORA is here to create some vibes. Starring Nayanatara and Sri Divya behind Karthi. Kaashmora film is said to be competition for Baahubali produced by PVP productions. The film is all about a warfare intact. Lets see how it impressed the audience.

Lead Cast: Karthi, Nayanatara, Sri Divya and others
Director: Gokul
Music Director:  Santhosh Narayanan
Producer : S R Prakashbabu and S R Prabhu

The film deals with the delivering way of a small and thin line which is not a great one. The way director Gokul show cased that thin line in the trailer is so shocking too. The story is so simple an can't be revealed out much.

Karthi will be seen in Kaashmira, Raja Nayak and other third mysterious character should be watched on the screen only.

Sri Divya played the journalist character who is always interested in some fantasy stories and myth stories. The researches ride her to Raja Nayak who lives in his own way. Sri Divya invites herself into the dark world of Ratnamahadevi who is none other than Nayanatara.

The third character comes when the Raja Nayak evokes the super natural powers in him. There are few twists in the movie when the 3rd character comes out.

Karthi did his best in the lead role. He managed the 3 characters with some out most wanting way to look into.

The comedy between Karthi and Vivek did really good.

The way Nayanatara was shown is pretty good and performance wise Karthi and Nayanatara have done justice to their roles for sure.

Vivek as a father of Kaashmora has entertained us with his usual comedy style.

Graphics went too well.

Gokul - The director did his best the idea of his is surely appreciable but he lacks conviction to hold attention. Few laughs and grand visuals add up - some respite. The mix of horror and comedy along with the fantasy and periodic elements put all together in a probably part for sure.

The slower side is the biggest draw back. The story got dragged in lot of times. Before the pre interval scene movie is so dull and too quiet. The screen play would have handled well. Songs on screen are not taken proper care of at all.

Sri Divya made her minus a big lot.

People comparing it with Baahubali might be a big negative too.

Horror comedy movies are what now crowd favorite these days and that is what Karthi totally focused on.  The routine and very thin plot is a main minus and the way Karthi - Nayanatara combination put the scenes through their performance is too good. The main cast is the biggest plus point of the film while dragged screenplay bores you. If you are a lover of horror + comedy genre its a worth watch for you. Unless a reasonable watch for this weekend.
Kalyan Ram's ISM Review - Missing out PURI mark yet again - 21-10-2016
Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has got some super hit named Pataas about an year back and later on he is looking for one good block buster. He successfully got director Puri Jagannath to deal with him and this is one very good opportunity for this hero. Kalyan Ram is not a great star or good market holder but getting in touch with Poori for a better feedback and movie is a interesting one. Right from the first look of their combination named ISM everyone is keen and interested to see the best out of the both. Kalyan Ram produced the movie ISM himself with the kind of subject he has it for. Lets see how it went for the result mode.

Lead Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya, Jagapati Babu and others
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Music Director: Anup Rubens
Producer : Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

Satya is a journalist who believes in the system and journalism a lot. He is a normal midlde class guy who always looks some problem with the system. He turns into journalist in his process of changing the system and the whole movie discusses about how he wanted to change it.

"Desam kosam chaavu naanna .. Antha kante emi kavali !?" is what he always believe in. "Indian politicians are bigger looters than Britishers who ruled India" he keeps saying it from his career starting. Javed Bhai (Jagapati Babu) is don in Spain and the friendship between both of them raises day by day. Satya loves the daughter of Javed Bhai and lets see how it concludes later. 

Also Read - Top 5 reasons to watch Kalyan Ram's ISM movie

Kayan Ram was good with his looks and surely with his action too. Kalyan Ram did his best.

Heroine Aditi Arya was ok with her looks and Puri introduced an another average woman into TFI again. Son of Nandamuri Kalyan ram Sourya Ram was seen in the movie which was a great surprise for audience.

Gollapudi Maruthi Rao's dialogues are too good in second half.  The way Puri laid the plat form of first half to second half is good. No highs at all in the first half. Wikileaks inspirations are found at every corner.

Story line is very good.

Story line of the film is excellent but the way director Puri Jagannath made it into main out put is not great. Narration is not at all fitting and one would definitely hate it to watch it on screen with lot of crap. Last 20 minutes was the big deal and meanwhile Puri laid a lot of unnecessary things to deal out with. The movie mainly missing the emotional connection with the audience. Songs were good but dealt on screen things is not great. Generally we see a lot of things from Puri Jagannath's hero but the main thing was missing here. Logic less scenes with good intentions never work out.

Puri Jagannath managed to take this movie into good level with the kind of dialogues and fights of his own style. The cinematic liberty Puri followed was decent.

Anup Rubens's Music and songs are good appealing.

Pre climax and climax are highlights

Finally ISM is a kind of one time watch movie with superb story line and good intention but missing out logics and emotional content with the audience. Cinematic liberty is carried away all the through but it was not dealt in proper way at all. Director Puri mark is surely missing in this movie which is the main asset for a Puri Jagnanath's movie. The final report is stating out with good last 20 minutes with court scenes and all but lets see how it goes at the box office on par.

Premam Telugu Movie Review - Undisturbing the original, a decent entertainer - 07-10-2016
Malayalam movie Premam is one of the finest and feel good romantic movies ever in South India till date. Non considering the Maniratnam films the film Premam would stand top of all the love stories that were gone good in their mode. Bringing that kind of a film for remake is a big issue but the director Chandoo Mondeti took it as challenge for his life. Premam starring Naga Chaitanya along with Anupama Parameswaran, Shruti Haasan and Madonna Sebastian is a kind of proper look for the release.

Lead Cast: Naga Chaitanya Madonna Sebastian, Anupama Parameswaran, Shruti Haasan  and others
Director: Chandoo Mondeti
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Producer : S. Radha Krishna

The film starts with the kind of attitude from the hero - Naga Chaitanya who falls for his school mate Suma in a village of Telugu states. He starts loving her from the school days and she dumps him all of a sudden. Chaitanya moves on with her life and later on goes to college in which he was a kind of rebel to deal with. Everyone in the college are so embarrassed and problematic with him. He took the ultimate team in the college with him and was a rebel over there.

Now in the college premises he falls in love with the teacher over there who is none other than Shruti Haasan. The love saga goes on with great scenes and songs between them. Once when the summer holidays were revealed the lecturer does not come back and the reason would be a shock for his life. This took the ultimate twist in the movie and rest needed to be catched on the screen.

Naga Chaitanya was matured well and did his life time range role for this film.

Shruti Haasan
was good with her role but still needs to do a lot like Malar.

The Nagarjuna voice over in the starting gives  an intense feel for sure.

Anupama Parameswaran and Madonna Sebastian were too good in their roles.

The special appearance of Venkatesh and Nagarjuna in the film has turned best asset in the movie.

Praveen and Viva Harsha did their characters well.

Only big minus for this movie as expected is Shruti Haasan who does not look much great in the character of Malar which is the biggest asset in Malayalam version for sure. Sruthi did her best when we doesn't even compare her with Sai Pallavi. The comedy things are quite lesser and Telugu audience might not go convinced with the perfect raising of  Malayalam kind of ending.

Director Chandoo Mondeti concentrated well to portray the exact feel from the Malayalam version and he managed it really good.

Gopi Sunder's Songs and music on screen would have been better.

Karthik Ghattamaneni's cinematography too went OK.

The feel that Malayalam version Premam would give you is definitely missing in the Telugu version but with non comparing motive Director Chandoo concentrated much on the entertaining part and he was succeeded in it. The way he took the original script and managed the changes as per the Telugu nativity should be appreciated. Watch it for the Naga Chaitanya's performance and fitting role for this movie, Dialogues were too good and are reasons to be watched. Take your family this weekend for a cool watchable hit film.
Jaguar Review - The boring saga of routine drama - 06-10-2016
Debut movie of any upcoming movie is a kind of shock and interesting thing for a new hero like Nikhil Gowda. The kind of tension the debutant's father like Kumaraswamy will feel the heat before the release. Its been a interesting thing when the movie Jaguar got started covering all the sort of woods like Kollywood, Sandalwood and Tollywood too. The many number of films with content can be made with the kind of huge budget where Nikhil Gowda was take more than 75 crores for his own budget. HD Kumaraswamy of Channambika films directed by NBK's Mithrudu fame director Mahadev got this venture on.


Lead Cast: Nikhil Gowda, Deepti Sati, Jagapati Babu and others
Director: Mahadev
Music Director: Thaman
Producer : H. D. Kumaraswamy 

SS Krishna - Nikhil is a medical student and junior to Adarsh Balakrishna. He falls for his sister Priya(Deepti Sati) and after that world looks so blind for this guy. Krishna murders a judge and police officer shows it on TV with live telecast. The channel was owned by Sampath Raj with the power of hacking. He do these murders wearing a black mask the case is chased by Jagapathi Babu the CBI officer in the movie.

After the second murder he receives SMS from Adarsh Balakrishna's mobile to CBI officer about murder and his details which also involves the details of next targets. The next target of his would be Krishna, Sampath and Medical college management too. The CBI officer Japathi Babu was on to chase this case now and the movie in the climax says why Krishna is doing all this.

Nikhil the debutant made his best with this film itself and there is still a lot for him to improve regarding expressions. He looks not that great as per glamour but there is a  heroic look for sure with him.

Deepti Sati is good and Jagapati Babu gave his best performance in recent times.

Sampat is good. Black guy who acted as senior to Krishna gave superb fun in the film.

Brahmanandam character is just ok.

The biggest minus of this film is said to be the routine story .The revenge drama taken place in the medical college history with a kind of back ground to it did not get connected to the audience really well. The entertainment part is too lacking. Hero Nikhil though did good for the debut itself needs to change his momentum going in all the ways.

He is doing best in few parts and in the other he is posing with bad expressions. The drama has been played well in lot of movies with this mask kind of subject so no one knows what is so great about this subject really.


Director Mahadev did not make his best in the screenplay atleast. He has gone par adapting the old routine style in every path.

Thaman's Music is some what savour for the movie upto few songs.

The story line was given by Vijaendra Prasad and was good.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa was distantly well and the production values were superb.

Finally, Jaguar is so routine where in lot of Telugu heros have done lot of times already. Above all the few scenes are good with decent screen play. The movie has missed out with lot of logics and did not work out really well. The first half is ok with some interest but it lost the pace totally in the second half, The format of Srinu Vaitla was run in the second half where in Brahamandam entry was big relief to the audience.

Theme of the story was not properly intimated by the director yet.The movie does not have any content which should be made on huge budget of 75 whopping crores. The budget was all put on songs and grand launch of the hero may be.
MS Dhoni The Untold Story Movie Review - 03-10-2016
MS Dhoni the mass hysteria of this country has got carried on next level with this name alone. MS Dhoni is known for his batting, captaincy skills and what not. The way he portrays the Indian cricket into the gallis and villages of Indian roots is so amazing and one knows that. The kind of Biopic named as MS Dhoni The Untold Story is way interesting than any other film in the recent days.

Every one is interested to know about how Dhoni has started the kind of career and how he become a ticket collector to captain of Indian team with good winning percentage too. Dhoni is having huge fan base and now the entire country awaited to know how he has started as everyone knows how good he finishes it off.


Lead Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Anupam Kher, Bhumika Chawla and others
Director: Neeraj Pandey
Music Director: Amaal Mallik, Rochak Kohli
Producer : Arun Pandey

The story is all about a guy from Jharkhand who is known for the interest on Cricket from the early days of his life. He was supported by a special coach and teachers in the college for scoring runs. Firstly he wants to play football but later on stiches to cricket considering the huge talent of his.

Later on the story deals with how this guy made it happen through the biggest obstacles of his career to achieve the realistic way to enter the Indian cricket. Story totally deals out the way it show cases how Dhoni exactly mentioned to prepare himself on career grounds.

The undoubtful biggest asset for this film is Susanth Singh Rajput and he just nailed in the lead character of his.

Susanth has created such an impact that we can just not think of another person in this leading role at all.

The way heroines (girl friend and wife of Dhoni) portrayed was not convincing. The drama over there looks like something pushed on to for.

Director lost the cool and grip on the movie at various times. It looks like a lengthy one too.

The VFX effects are not so cool and they should have taken utmost care of the same. Love story is so distinguished to the real lives and it was lengthy too.

The chemistry between lead pair doesn't really work out.


The way director Neeraj Pandey handled very minute things regarding Dhoni is so so good. Right from Dhoni's bikes list to the way Dhoni eats Director took care of every single minute thing from the past. It took absolute reach for audience.

Back ground music can be a way lot better and editing is not great too.

M S Dhoni A untold story is not all about the exciting moments in the career of Dhoni but surely from the place where he came out for these moment.s  Lots of little secrets about MSD's life have been brought forward, and that is your reason to catch the film. Indulgent, yet interesting. Neeraj Pandey delivers another engaging film with a terrific Sushant at the forefront. Though there are few flaws in the film it keeps us go engaged on the second half. Finally while film comes to an end the things go
Nani's Majnu Review - 23-09-2016
Nani - The Natural star who is raising out his terms on another mode. With some amazing hits in his career Nani is balancing back to back box office success. His previous films Yevade Subramanyam, Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha, Gentlemen are pure hits. Now the director Virinchi Varma of Uyyala Jampala fame wielded mega phone for Nani's Majnu and lets see how things will go on his side this time.

Lead Cast: Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri and others
Director: Virinchi Varma
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Producer : Geetha Golla, P. Kiran

The story is all about a Adithya who flirts with Suma - Priya Shri an SAP Consultant at Accenture. He starts narrating his flash back to her introducing another heroine Anu Emmanuel in the flash back. The story starts on with special appearance of Rajamouli directing Baahubali film where Nani plays his assistant for the film.

Later on movies goes on love track. The interval block locked with a twist and in the second half movie goes as triangle love story.

Nani as usually stood the range of his with some amazing action and performance. The romantic angle of Nani was seen in the movie with good interesting light vein moments. Nani tried his best to show case out the worth of his. The songs were dealt good on the screen.

First half is so simple fun and natural way. It went so poetic too.

The negatives of the movie are not much found other than simple narration and story was known earlier times. The restart of love lacks some good emotion in the second half. Director totally went for entertainment loosing out very much logics. The release of the film in off season might seriously impact the film. Improper publicity too might create some poor results.

Heroines Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri are too good but the chemistry between main heroine and Nani did not looks so great. This is totally a A class audience movie where in its so tough for normal people to get connected with.


Director Virinchi Varma totally concentrated on the entertainment other than story or much heavy moments. But still he managed to cross all the routine scenes all in all.

Gopi Sunder's Music is another asset for the film.

Totally, Majnu movie is what Nani fans are expecting for. Rich in frames, Superb lead acting with amazing songs. The comedy part is so hilarious and decent in all the ways. Though second half is a lighter down version the last 15 minutes comedy covers all the things. Movie closes on the note where Rajamouli comes in with the satire on Baahubali making and Prabhas marriage note.

Its a good watchable film for family audience and youth too. Nani is picking up some decent story lines for his positive career. Its time for Nani to bring up superb combinations and change his level or mode on another stand. Way to go Nani. Majnu is a HITTU CINEMA.
Nirmala Convent Movie Review - 16-09-2016
Senior actor/hero/character artist Srikanth is known for the different kind of getups he does in his career. Married to heroine Ooha in the past Srikanth has now a son Roshan who was all set to hero with the film Nirmala Convent. The film is getting out with great norms as Nagarjuna is producing this film.

Nagarjuna is not only producer of the film but also done with a cameo and big role too. Nagarjuna was seen giving good results like Uyyala Jampala in the past with very low budget. Now this film is having equal expectations.


Lead Cast: Roshan, Shriya Sharma and others
Director: G. Naga Koteswara Rao
Music Director: Roshan Saluri
Producer : Nagarjuna Akkineni and Nimmagadda Prasad

There is no big inspiration than love in this nature. The key point was taken of to write the story of Nirmala Convent . Raju garu is having 99 acres in the land of Bhooopathi nagaram where the 1acre leads water to this 99 acres is headed by Veerayya ( LB Sriram ). As Raju asks for the same land LB says now and he goes killed. Later on Soorayya was taken with the land and promises his father that the land will not be sold at any cost. Soorya's son is David (Roshan).

David and Santhi ( grand daughter of Raju ) comes into the same school and later on the story goes on normal mode like every other love story works in. Santhi and David fells in love later on this goes to the idea of Raju and he asks Soorya to give the land so that he can give his grand daughter for sure. Soorya agrees and signs the agreement. Later on Raju cheats the hero's father.

Then there comes David who challenges Raju to become his range for sure soon.

King Nagarjuna made a great cameo along with Meelo Evaro Koteswarudu show.

Roshan was seen with great acting skills.

Heroine Shriya Sharma did well.

Back ground music is so great for the film.

Cinematography went really well.

The biggest minus point for this film is story .This is the kind of story where every one is so obsessed and got bored with. Also the first half of the film is so boring and annoyed too. People cant just relay on the kind of poor comedy out there.

The youthful remarks were made but both heroine and hero looks so younger where in we cant digest they are having love with each other. Looks like early age loves are not the cup of tea for anyone.


Songs are not great on screen and slow narration killed the film.

Roshan Saluri's Music is ok.

Director G. Naga Koteswara Rao should have handled the screenplay on complete different mode.

Finally, Srikanth is the hero who got raised with lot of failures but gained good marks for the first film for the action.The same happened with his son too. Movie is not great but the action from him is so matured and going excellently well. Sriya Sharma is ok but did not do great in action.

Second half is main non boring thing for Nagarjuna as he entered and made some good cameo with Meela Evaru Koteeswarudu. Nagarjuna should understand what did he loved in this so routine drama. Out dated teenage love story with some very few good scenes.
Jo Achyutananda Movie Review - 09-09-2016
After a kind of Love story Avasarala Srinivas gave out starring Naga Shourya and Rashi Khanna in the lead roles every one got excited to watch the new age love story on screens. Now the same director got the same hero Sourya with Nara Rohith with Regina Cassandra in the lead role. The Jo Achyutananda trailer itself concludes out that the film has got interesting story line where two boys fight for one girl in the film who are ought to be siblings.

This is a story of two young guys who fell in love with the same girl at the same moment. Story between two brothers and a girl has been dealt with class and natural way. Both of them wanted to marry her where in the story starts of with flash back mode narrated by Regina herself.

Avasarala Arinivas mainly focused on one liners and interesting comedy scenes for this film. The kind of comedy he provided in Oohalu Gusa Gusa Lade is too hilarious where in for Jo Achyutananda it has gone par to the next level. Avasarala has lot to deal out.

Regina Cassandra stood main highlight for this film both with her looks, glamour and performance too. This is probably the first film for her to show the acting pure angle of her. Regina did her best and sorted a high for film.

Naga Shourya asusually looked glamorous and did his best where in Nara Rohith looked chubby and got himself as asset for the film.

Screenplay is too much good where first half deals with hilarious comedy and second half on emotional quotient. Jyo Achutananda takes off promisingly. 15 minutes into the movie, it is witty and has loads of variety. Novel story line Jyotsna, Achyutaramarao, Ananda Vardhan rao = Jyo Achyutananda is story of 3 lovely characters presented in Srinivas Avasarla s subtle punch comedy way.

The film has some very good dialogues and is moving on a screenplay based style.

Last 30 minutes can be said a big kind of negative for this film as director deal in unnatural way to make out the characters for those time. Avasarala handled well the groom of the film in first half where in the second he wanted to introduce few more characters and clumbsed it.

Downside is since whole movie is concentrated around one thread.. people may not get a full cinematic experience. With 2 hr 5 mins crisp run time, this movie appeal to class audience the most.

The chemistry between both the brothers looks like a forced one all in all. Comedy content is so huge but there are no special artists and director handled all the script with both these people alone.

The screenplay stands highlight where in emotional drama lacks a bit.

Avasarala Srinvas mark funny and single liners are too good, There is worth entertainment for the film where in there will be laughs out loud in the theatre for sure.

Jo Achyutananda is a kind of movie to be watched with the family for sure.  Producer already declared they are going to trim more 20 mins of the cinema so lets see how things will work good at box office for Srinivas Avasasrala. Looks like a foundation for Hattrick for this rom com specialist director got established with Jyo Acchutananda. Go with your family.
NTR's Janatha Garage Movie Review - Mohanlal, Samantha - 01-09-2016
After the kind of hits NTR has got with Nannaku Prematho and Temper the new film Janatha Garage is having lot of expectations on itself. The film directed by none other than Koratala Siva has lot to deal with and as he said earlier this film itself has a huge canvas all in all. Movie produced by Mythri movie makers who gave Srimantudu kind of film are expected a block buster break for NTR.

Lead Cast: NTR, Mohanlal, Samantha, Nithya Menon and others
Director: Koratala Siva
Music Director: S. Thaman
Producer : Naveen Yerneni, Y. Ravi Shankar, C. V. Mohan

Janatha Garage is the garage owned by Mohanlal - Satyam who came out from village to Hyderabad. He who used to be mechanic always love people and solve their problems. The Janatha Garage goes famous in no time and all the probable people comes into arena finding out good ways from Janatha Garage.

The range of Satyam goes to another level where even chief minister calls them for a meeting often. After  a big issue with enemies Satyam looses his brother and his wife. The son of his brother is none other than NTR - Anand. Anand was taken to Mumbai from his childhood without the consent of Mohanlal.

After 25 years Anand who turns to be a nature lover meets Satyam and works for Janatha Garage.

NTR becomes the main highlight for this film where director Koratala Siva portrayed his features really well. Probably this is the best nature lover character of recent times. NTR was great in dances and dialogues.

Mohanlal ruled his character.

The biggest negative of Janatha Garage is predictable screenplay, Koratala Siva has some good story but the execution was not at all good. He turned it out into a poor arena with a worst plot.

Especially after making movie into another grounds after Rajiv Kanakala scene the film totally went upside down. Samantha and Nithya Menon has nothing to with the film. The girl Nithya Menon is no where related with the film. The main point of the film is when Koratala missed why NTR is interested to join the Janatha Garage people.

Back ground score by Devi Sri Prasad is good.

Editing worked well.

Interval block and Post interval block are highlights of this film

Janatha Garage is a wasted opportunity of wonderful emotion called "Love the nature and Love the humans". After Srimanthudu kind of Blockbuster Koratala Siva gave very poor writing in expressing his emotion. He was excellent in Rajeev Kanakala scene, Interval but rest was a pure crap.

Very illogical and stupid writing of Koratala when he missed the whole point "Why NTR joins the Janatha Garage people just like that ". No where near to Temper or Nannaku Prematho .. Give a try if you are absolutely free just for NTR's performance!!
Aadi's Chuttalabbayi Telugu Movie Review - 19-08-2016
Chuttalabbayi Telugu Movie Review - Hero Aadi is looking for an absolute super hit from many years, The process is now going good but the results are the same. His first film Premakavali was a decent hit but later on his films doesn't even work well at the box office at all. The new movie Chuttalabbayi directed by Veera Bhadram tried his best to give son of Sai Kumar a pretty good film and lets see what happened with him.

Lead Cast: Aadi, Namitha Pramod and others
Director: Veerabhadram Chowdary
Music Director: S. Thaman
Producer : Venkat Talari

Baabji - Aadi is a recovery agent in the city he meets the girl Kavya - Namitha Pramod who is facing some danger from her family. The situation of her is so problematic where Kavya's brother runs behind Babji estimating he is the threat for their family. Babji brings Kavya to the village and introducers her as his friend. Kavya falls in love with Babji and when things seem to be good Kavya's family gets a huge attack on Babji and his family. The story there on starts how he saved the Girl Kavya and his own family from these problems.


Aadi looks and his dances were so good. He can be said bigger asset for this film with his looks and total screen presence. The acting capability of his is improved a lot. He made the dances so better and surprising. The entertainment section too dealt good by Aadi with his humour.

Though Sai kumar was showcased for promotions he has nothing to do wit the film. He is bringing in a depth for continuation of the movie in second half .

30 years Prudhvi lead as decent entertainer in the film. Comedy scenes were good with him.

Chuttalabbayi Telugu Movie Review - Aadi, Namitha Pramod

The story line can be said main draw back for the film. Its so predictable and is so routine. There are no much offer in terms of new things. Heroine Namitha Pramod is not having a heroine material in her and the chemistry of her is not at all god with Aadi. Second half is a big let down with very boring comedy. Right from the lead of female heroines brother to Sai Kumar's wife few artists were so boring with their action. Technically movie is weak.

Songs on screen did not went well.

Music and songs are just average.

Veerabhadram Chowdary's screenplay looked so pale and routine all ways. Second half could have been much better


Finally Chuttalabbayi is one film which has good first half and let down in the second. Can watch on tv soon for Aadi and Prudhvi's performance. Routine story line and no interesting - unflat moments are big draw back. Veerabhadram Chowdary would have made this much better with interesting screenplay.
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