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Sai Dharam Tej's Jawaan Review - 01-12-2017
Lead Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada and others
Director: BVS Ravi
Music Director: S. Thaman
Producer: Dil Raju

Mega hero Sai dharma Tej named Jai is the guy who got raised from childhood with lot morals principles and patriotic feelings. His target is to work from National defense agency and bring his best to the country.  Meanwhile he sees how Keshava named guy the antagonist is trying to break the law and planning to steal the most sensational weapon of India - Octopus.

There starts cat fight between Jai and Keshswa. Movie goes on various odds and evens between these two.

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Sai Dharam Tej and his performance stood best in the movie and he is the main asset for this film. Right from the role of best son of a moral family to patriotic citizen of the country Jai well performed as Jawaan.

Villain Prasanna too did his best where Mehreen got some good character to do. The man to man fight between hero and villain is a treat to watch. 

Jawaan interval bang and pre climax worked out good. Thaman BGM and cinematography were awesome.

Director BVS Ravi did his grand entry with Jawaan.


Jawaan has almost a routine story where in sentimental drama went over at places. Chemistry between lead pair didn't work real great. Mehreen character has no reasonable ending. Logics missed at various places.


Finally, the movie Jawaan has some lot positive ingredients to watch for. The movie had best BGM, commercial elements, considerable action sequences, elevations, sentiments in its whole packages. A perfect blend commercial saga to watch this weekend.
Gopichand's Oxygen Movie Review - 30-11-2017
Lead Cast: Gopichand, Rashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel and others
Director: Jyothi Krishna
Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer: AM Rathnam

The story of Movie Oxygen is all about two faction groups which got headed by Jagapathi Babu and Sayaji Shinde where both of the families are with grudge on each other. The time where Jagapathi Babu goes for the engagement of Raashi Khanna his daughter to Aravind Krishna - Gipichand everything goes good. Jagapathy Babu's family gets killed by a unknown person. Gopichand takes the responsibility and revenge to kill out the culprits who made this.

The twist lies where to know who is Aravind Krishna.

The story of the film is so decent where the suspense element will be bringing at the interval bang and dealt well.

Raashi Khanna was also seen with glamorous and performance role in the movie.

Gopichand did his good and the impressive performance from him was seen in second half for sure. The film goes good in action episodes as well.

Anu Emmanuel looks too good and did not her best at emotional scenes.  Yuvan shankar Raja's music is decent.

Dialogues were good

The biggest drawback of the movie is its screenplay which is s painfully slow and very long. Director Jyothi Krishna narrates the simple story line with long and different way. It crashes you like watching two movies for single ticket. The film's screenplay is bigger minus. The makers should have edited the film by at least fifteen minutes, Long run time is what people hate these days for sure. Technical values are ok.

Finally, The film Oxygen has got a good concept but got sidelined the track slowly. The film has some poor direction and long run time testing your patience. The audience will surely not be able to wait for long enough of 2 and half hours to watch this. Few action elements and good fights are ok but rest of the film is surely be a bigger pressure to watch out for.
Siddharth's Gruham Telugu Movie Review - 17-11-2017
We have been looking at horror comedy series of films in Telugu and Tamil genre these days a lot. Currently the hero Siddharth who is known for films like Bommarilu is back with Horror movie Gruham where he says it has real horror and no Comedy at all. Now Milind Rau and Siddarth showcased Aval - Gruham in Telugu. Lets see how it went.


Lead Cast: Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah and others
Director: U. Milind Rau
Music Director: Girishh G
Producer: Siddharth


Movie gets the opening in Himalayas for the year 1935 where in we see shots of Pregnant woman and her young daughter both were Chinese. Later on movie comes to present scenario where Siddatth and Andrea his wife comes to the same place a Himalayan area. Siddarth works as Neurosurgeon and he does few experiments too. He is pretty much expert in doing surgeries.

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Horror culture of recent cinemas is broke in Tamil cinema as the film unfolds with every 2 minute scene before the ghost gives a frightening. The film is atmospheric and genuinely scares you. As they earlier promised director and Siddarth gave pure horror movie.

Andrea Jeremiah did her best in her role.

Anisha played as Possessive girl and has some good role.

Atul Kulkarni and others were ok.

Girishh's BGM is top notch

Second half has some of the drags and did not pickup until the climax. Pre Climax is ok but bigger let down was in climax where the big thing got revealed. The reason for all the happenings is not what we expect and we go convinced for. The film keeps the hook entire movie and the reason revealed haunts to while you are out of the theatre.


Finally, Gruham is technically awesome Horror movie without any nonsense attached to it. Siddarth got some good story and Milind made out a good team work out of it. Hooking up the drama until 2 hour 7th minute is bigger challenge where director managed it for sure. Few illogical scenes might be a cutoff but Gruham is must watch for Horror film lovers.
Khakee Telugu Movie Review: Karthi impresses Action film lovers though with a drag - 17-11-2017
Actor Karthi is always having some positive gratitude in Telugu Cinema with his films like Aawara and Oopiri. The hero entered into Telugu cinema with Yuganiki okkadu and raised his standard with few interesting story lines all the way. Now the hero comes with Khakee (Theeran Adhigaram Ondru) the Tamil dubbing and lets see how it went.

Lead Cast: Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh and others
Director: H. Vinoth
Music Director: Mohamaad Ghibran
Producer: S.R. Prabhu

The movie opens up with a Murder episode from 1995 area near Ravulapalem of East Godavari. Karthi will be seen as Trainee police officer when this happened now coming to the present day. The hero goes as DSP the ruthless Police officer who goes so serious on criminal gangs. After lot of investigation hero goes to start for for the 1995 episode that murdered lot of people.

The rest of film show's is still the gang set out in the same area? What are the consequence they have to face as DSP is Karthi now. The entire team of Khakhee comes into chase them.

Karthi as COP is too good and his performance is too good. His own dubbing too worked in great times. Karthi's Cop show was carefully handled by director Vinoth.

Rakul Preet Singh got limited to cuteness and glamour for songs.

The entire suspense drama was well made by Vinoth. Stunts, color grading and other technical things were taken care. Action team showcased some absolute stunts which are major highlight.


Story is good but the twists are not that interesting and supposed to be watch out. Karthi and Rakul's chemistry is too poor. While the Songs doesn't impress at all.  Second half has lot of flip side and drag. Few crime scenes are too over and logic less. Prolonged episodes will test the patience for sure.

Khakee is adequately made COP drama which will surely impress the crime and action film lovers. Director Vinoth showcased lot of facts that how a real life of police would be in practical terms. Intense and good cop drama made with huge and uninteresting violence aspects. Watch it for the absolutely superb Pre interval, Few good scenes with create interest and Karthi's performance as true police officer.
Review: Okkadu Migiladu another hard work unpaid for Manchu Manoj - 10-11-2017
Starring Manchu Manoj in the lead role the film Okkadu Migiladu has got some interesting hype considering the look of Manoj or trailer for that instance. Lets see how the film went in theatres finally.

Lead Cast: Vishal, Anisha Ambrose and others
Director: Ajay Andrews
Music Director: Siva R Nandigam
Producer: SN Reddy

The film switches its mode like Teenmar movie where the current scenario and Past scenario will be shown with absolute gaga. PETER is the head of Sri Lankan Refugees and the story goes at bigger phase of East Sri Lanka where a lot of killings happen on refugees all the time.

PETER is Manchu Manoj the leader plays crucial role in their lives. Lot of wars and journey of their lives into India are being focused a lot which is rest of the story.

Manchu Manoj nailed in the role of PETER the leader and he was seen with wonderful outcome and passion for the role. Manoj worked really hard for this movie and his work need to be appreciated. First half is better when compared to the second half.

Some times BGM managed the whole scene. Dialogues  were pretty good.

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Director Ajay Andrews took a best film into his hands and he completely made a bad script out of it. A superb writing and screenplay is what the stories like this need to connect or. Extreme violence utter nonsense with almost zero logic is going to irritate you for sure. Director would have taken care of odd moments the entire second half. The total second half runs with boat travel which is a bigger draw back.

Finally,Yet another Pale and bad writing ruins the bravest attempt from Manchu Manoj, Okkadu Migiladu movie could have been a great path breaker, trendsetter, and a valuable experience if the screenplay was well written with reasonable emotions. Extreme violence, zero connectivity points, the slow pace of storytelling makes this eminently experimental film UNABLE to pay off the needy, Hats off for the amazing hard work and dare from Manchu Manoj. Disappointment!!
Vishal's Detective Review: An interesting edge of the seat crime thriller - 10-11-2017
Director Mysskin is one of the peculiar directors in Tamil cinema and he is making debut into Telugu with dubbing film with Detective film Starring hero Vishal in the lead role.The movie has got Andrea and Anu Emmanuel in the lead role. After getting super hit talk in Tamil this film was into Telugu now.


Lead Cast: Vishal, Andrea Jeremiah, Anu Emmanuel and others
Director: Mysskin
Music Director: Arrol Corelli
Producer: Vishal


Vishal is the Detective who is looking for good case to solve for is addicted to solve the cases. There comes an interesting case for him from a Child who's dog has got dead. This leads Vishal to an interesting clues and back to back murders in the city. Meanwhile a Pick pocketer Anu Emmanuel comes to his house as he rescues her from such things. He helps her to build her life. Story goes on how Detective with help of his best friend Mano solved the biggest mystery of murders.

The main case is of a police officer who's dead because of Light burning in a Rainy day. The rest of story explains how he broke the things out.


Vishal's performance is so awesome and Mysskin took the film to another level with his gripping and completely interesting story telling.

Interval bang creates a stunning juncture for the movie.

Climax too was handled so good.

Tamil nativity and Tamil faces are seen a lot in this movie hence the dubbing feel increases more. Not a single comedy episode at all. Pre climax is dragged a lot. Villain side perfection was not given with reasons at all. Few logics were missing. Andrea Jeremiah got wasted as heroine. Background music could have been better


Detective Starring Vishal in the lead role discusses of Series of murders and Police officer's murder in the state. Mysskin gets the full credit for his gripping narration and story telling. Movie doesn't bore you at 90% of times. Hence a recommendable watch with your friends or family this weekend. Revenue will be depending on how mass audience gonna take it in Telugu states.
Adirindi Review: Its is a good platform for Vijay into Telugu - 09-11-2017
Starring Thalapathy Vijay in the lead role and directed by Atlee the film Mersal got dubbed into Telugu long back but the release date got no where ready for Adirindi film. The makers
managed up a bit after three weeks and finally the movie was into theatres. Lets see how it went

Lead Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Kajal, Nithya Menon and others
Director: Atlee Kumar
Music Director: AR Rahman
Producer: N. Ramasamy

Maaran is the guy who brings in 5rs treatment for the people and gains lot of fame India wide. Foreign doctors go influenced by this and they come in ask him to attend a Summit. A magician in that summit goes killed by Maran at the show. Police gets suspicion on Maran and arrests him.

Later on lot of things gets out into lime light by Police under Health university issues too and he will be put in jail. The bigger question thus arises where Maran or some other person who is the main culprit in this case. Who is SJ Surya and what is his role.

Now the Performance marks will be distribute upon Vijay for playing wonderful three roles in this movie. Director Attlee took lot of clarity and put this film up. He managed the characters with a good role and managed them with reasonable choices.

The flash back episodes too were deal really well. SJ Surya played another superb elevation villain role in this movie.

The film got claps when GST was linked with Health issues int he country. The film totally as a fine Social message with a decent climax as well.

Routine story can be said a bigger minus for this movie but the narration covered it for sure. On other side Telugu nativity got missed a lot which is so poor. Songs are not that great on screen. Comedy is absolutely missing from this movie. Kajal Agarwal has almost nothing to do in this film. Director Should have focused more on the second half except the flash back episodes.


Finally, Vijay with his wonderful action took the concept of Government Hospitals concept and got connected to the audience for sure. Film has few ups and downsbut it went quite good in lot of time. SJ Surya's performance, Atlees' taking, New kind of narration, Vijay's versatile extravaganza makes this movie a sure one time watch in theatres. Routine story with a piece of stunning narration can give a safe result for the producer as well at the box office.
Rajasekhar's PSV Garuda Vega Telugu Movie Review - 03-11-2017
After Director Praveen Sattaru declared about PSV Garuda Vega film with Senior hero Rajasekhar peeping in 30 crore rupees of budget everyone was stunned to know it. After back to back films like Chandamama kathalu and Guntur Talkies the director went on with a action entertainer. The trailer too gave decent hype for this movie which worked in many ways. Lets see how the film went.

Lead Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Shraddha Das and others
Director: Praveen Sattaru
Music Director: Bheems Cecireleo
Producer: M Koteswara Raju


Angry Young man Rajasekhar - SEKHAR is a NIA agent working for the Hyderabad as their main place. Biggest technology and systems for them helps in getting all information he needs regarding suspects. Rajasekhar always fights with his wife Pooja kumar and wants to quit the job after such an uninteresting problems between them.

Meanwhile the issue between a Hacker - Adith and State opposition leader comes to the notice of this NIA agent. He himself takes this case up and he goes to work on it. The story revolves around this Hacker totally. Who is this hacker which kind of scam did he found out how many people got involved in it? Is what you have to watch in theatres.

Rajasekhar after a decent come back did his best as NIA officer.

Adith and Pooja Kumar were good.

Sunny Leone sizzled in the mid moment and she was good.

Story is bigger negative for this film where a dull project of Uranium scam is taken out. Still Praveen did not cared to explain positively and cleared about the scam that got involved the country's big heads. Rajasekhar and Pooja scenes could have been trimmed. Second half is pretty much dull when compared to the first half for sure.

Shraddha Das has not role at all.

Praveen Sattaru gets the utmost credit for showcasing the thrilling scenes in awesome manner.

Right from first fifteen minutes of chase to bomb tracking episode everything is like edge of an action thriller. The film has first half as bigger positive point.

Cinematography and Back ground music were awesome.

Finally,The film PSV Garuda Vega is a decent edge of the seat thriller with wonderful and mind blowing first half carried away by the good second half. Over all this film is an interesting watch. The entire set up, grand making and a thrilling first half are huge assets of the film. Rajasekhar has got the much needed success and Praveen too proved his
mettle this time commercially for sure. 30 crores of break even might end up surely with a wonderful and proper publicity for this movie.

Vunnadi Okate Zindagi Review: Nenu Sailaja Combination does the magic again But will little slow pace - 27-10-2017
The combination of hero Ram Pothineni and Kishore Tirumala gave some wonderful film like Nenu Saialaja all the way, Now after a gap they both are releasing out the new movie Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi having Anupama Parameswaran and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles. Currently the trailers and songs have gone pass good and the movie has a positive thing to watch for. Now lets see how the film went.


Lead Cast: Ram Pothineni, Sri Vishnu, Lavanya Tripathi, Anupama Parameswaran and others
Director: Kishore Tirumala
Music Director: Fish Go Deep
Producer: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore

The two child hood friends Abhi - Ram and Vasu - Sri Vishnu are so close where everyone used to talk about their friendship. Suddenly a girl Mahaa - Anupama enters into the life of these two and over shadows the friendship. Though she does it more unintentionally there comes a triangular love story and problems in the relationship. Mahaa is the girl who comes firstly in Abhi's life followed by Vasi's. Later on the film revolves around how the friends managed to look into their love life posing their commonly loved girl.

In the second half Ram gets second heroine Lavanya Tripathi and there goes story into interesting mileage.

The story is narrated with a honesty for sure. Ram in the role along with Vishnu are to be major highlights for the movie. The sacrifices and friendship bonds are shown in good mode. Songs are another strong thing for this film dialogues about Friendship and Love worked a lot in thaetres.

Priyadarshi made his best out of this simple character.

Anupama is so cute in the film.

Lavanya Tripathi did her best in her role.

Cinematography was good. Editing could have been better. First half is good when compared to second half.

The biggest draw back for this movie is its narration. It is pretty much slower and got dragged as best as it can be. Slow paced second half is going to test the patience. Over sentiment scenes covered up the serious comedy too. The songs on screen would have picturized so good. Emotional story said in much more emotional way showcased it as a much tragic one. Hero's girl triangle love with hero's friend and few scenes will surely be an issue to watch for. Mahaa's character might be blamed after the film.

Finally Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi film is a surely appreciable attempt that can be watched for once. The commercial range of this movie depends on how the slow paced narration will be received by family audience. A true friendship honest saga that can remember us about the old days of ours will surely happen with this movie. Vunnadi Okate Zindagi is a sure one time watch.
Ravi Teja's Raja The Great Review - 18-10-2017
After the films like Pataas and Supreme the director Anil Ravipudi has got some chance of giving a good and big budgeted film. He has got Ravi Teja for the new entertainer Raj The Great where Ravi too took 2 years gap after Kick 2 film. Right from the trailer and hero's characterisation everything was so perfect and interesting in the film Raja the Great as of now. Lets see how the whole film went.

Lead Cast: Ravi Teja, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada and others
Director: Anil Ravipudi
Music Director: Sai Karthik
Producer: Dul Raju

Mehrene - Lucky is daughter of police officer Prakash Raj who will be in one of the operations with villains. Prakash Raj is so strict and he kills lot of goons out of which one person is interested to take revenge through his daughter. Lucky runs away and hides over there on other hand Raja - Ravi Teja is a visually disabled guy who is desperate to become a com where he gets to do this mission.

The later story is all about how Ravi Teja went and saved this girl.


The bigger asset for this movie is Ravi Teja and his performance as a visually challenged person. He excelled as the trained blind guy and gave good in the comedy timing too.

Mehrene is so glamorous and did her best in the film.

Radhika Sarathkumar as mother did well.

Director focused a lot on comedy and fights which will mingle with some positive for mass audience. Ravi Teja's big positive point is he made his best comeback after 2 years gap with no routine character at all. The elevations scenes worked too good. Interval bang is wonderful.

Sai Karthik's music was good.

The story itself is bigger minus for this movie. A flat story with routine point will irk the audience. Though the male lead is blind the fights are little bit over to react for. The second half has got some lower feel to watch it for. There is absolutely zero story in the second half where audience get so bored of. Songs should have been dealt well on the screen for sure. Bigger draw back will be the 20minutes lag in the second half.

On a whole Director Anil Ravipudi took a flat and routine story with bigger elevations scenes and positive fight sequences which will give this movie a positive thing to watch for. Logics missing here and there where Blind guy goes with higher massive fights totally. But comedy and action scenes definitely worked up. Raja The Great will be for mass audience and for class people there needed some script work from Anil Ravipudi. There is scope for this movie to get connected at the box office as there is ultra mass stuff in it for sure.
Mahanubhavudu Review: Another decent entertainer from Sharwanand and Maruthi - 29-09-2017
After the kind of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy film Maruthi delivered a plop with Babu Bangaram which did not work properly at the box office. Maruthi now came back to similar BBM story Mahanubhavudu with Sharwanand where in the trailer and songs are so impressive lets see how the film went this time.

Lead Cast: Sharwanand, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada and others
Director: Maruthi
Music Director: S. Thaman
Producers: UV Creations


Sharwanand - Anand is the guy with OCD which is Obsessive compulsive disorder. He joins with Meghana -Mehreen in the same IT company in which both go with the lie minded cleanliness thoughts and keep loving each other. Later on they fell in love but when it comes to family things Meghana is worried about Anand's over OCD problem.

The later film discusses about how they both convinced the families to be together.

Sharwanand did his best as the OCD person who always want to go with possible things from the people. Sharwa and Mehreen romance, chemistry is good.

Mehreen as decent girl performed well.

Nazzer and others were ok in their roles.

Vennela Kishore comedy is bigger asset and he did the best.

First half has though no rib tickling comedy the film is moderately interesting at there.

Second half too is not so great but decently watchable one. There is no routine story line which is major one to watch for.

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Hero Sharwanand characterization of OCD is not understood by many people of mass numbers for sure. They go confused why the hero is behaving so abnormal about cleanliness. Songs are good but picturisation needs to be some what better. Very lengthy pre climax and is annoying and there is no proper close to the OCD character as the movie ends.


Finally, the film Mahanubhavudu is a interesting attempt from Maruthi with OCD kinda of problem to the person who got lot of stuff to accept for. Melodious chemistry between lead pair is good. Interesting comedy scenes have worked well. Not greater than Bhale Bhale Magadivoy but Mahanubhavudu is a decent entertainer for family audience. One gonna love the combination of Sharwa and Maruthi for sure.
Spyder Review: MAHESH and MURUGADOSS attempts an interesting thriller drama but misfires - 27-09-2017
After Brahmotsavam kind of disaster Mahesh Babu took the big risk with AR Murugadoss and named it as Spyder. Mahesh and Muruga wanted to release the film for last summer but it took lot time for the best output. The trailer and songs got not great ratings but the hype is still on for this drama thriller. Lets see how it went in theatres today.


Lead Cast: Mahesh Babu, SJ Surya, Rakul Preet Singh and others
Director: AR Murugadoss
Music Director: Harrish Jayaraj
Producers: N. V. Prasad and Tagore Madhu

This is a story of fight between Agent Siva of Intelligence bureau and Bhairava who is from his village wanted to kill people and know the enjoy in it. Siva knows about Bharava during the interval bang and he wants to catch him the entire second half.

Mahesh Babu just nailed in the character of SIVA the intelligence reporting officer. Mahesh managed the looks like a James Bond and the dialogues uttered by him are so positive. He gave his best right from the starting to the ending. Considerably Mahesh improved a lot in the humour quotient too, The comedy scenes too worked well for him.

Villain SJ Surya managed his best to give tough fight of action with Mahesh. Show casing his flash back the villain gives torture to the people of Hyderabad . His logics, diction, dialogues went like Jack Sparrow from Dark knight series. With out a single abuse the villanism was shown with great junctures.

Rakul Preet Singh looked hot in the songs and she is a innocent girl in the movie.

Bharath and Priyadarshi Pulikonda did best in their roles.

Second half women spying episode can be said bigger highlight for the film where second half starts with a racy screenpla . Movie went with interesting bangs in the second half which leads to a routine climax again.

The basic plot and story of the film is complete pale and it did not gave any interesting things to watch for. SJ Surya flashback episodes has a lot of basic Tamil nativity and it is so much annoying. Comedy point is missing the whole film where mass audience are interested on this a lot.

Murugadoss did not take any new script for the film and story is so routine. At times particularly in the first half we will be remembering 7th sense film here and there. Murugadoss could have taken special care about songs taking and editing. Hurried second half and dragging first half gives a bad feel in the end. Few logics are
missing in the thriller drama.

Background score from Harris Jayaraj is good.

Screenplay too was supposed to be racy but in the first half it missed a lot.

Spyder movie is one of the best attempted  thriller films that made in Telugu and Tamil. A superb screenplay from Murugudoss would have been different idea for the movie. Spyder will offer you some routine plot with lot of Tamil nativity. There are lot of drags the Racy elements in the second half took the movie surely interesting point but Murugadoss lost the grip at right time. Dussehra season will impact on the collections for sure and it is going to bring in a good margin for Mahesh Babu as he has some good major support in family audience. One need to see how this kind of thriller genre films reaches the Telugu mass audience. One time watch for normal audience and worth watch for Mahesh fans.
NTR Jai Lava Kusa Telugu Movie Review - 21-09-2017
Starring NTR in the triple action for the first time JAI LAVA KUSA is a kind of sensational film directed by Bobby of Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Balupu fame. The director took a great experiment by bringing such a story. Kalyan Ram produced this movie on NTR Arts banner. After the kind of hype and excitement this movie got released today lets see how it went.

Lead Cast: NTR, Niveda Thomas, Raashi Khanna and others
Director: KS. Ravindra
Music Directors: Devi Sri Prasad
Producers: Kalyan Ram

Jai Lava Kusa are three brothers of whom their mother feels they are dead after a shocking incident life of their family. Right from the childhood Jai used to be so angry while Kusa is a jovial person but Lava is such an innocent. Keenly the story turns into Hyderabad where Kusa and Lava are busy with their lifes thinking their both brothers are dead. But finally when Lava and Kusa meet each other on a special occasion they bring in a deal together. But the twist there comes in when they got to find out another guy name JAI is still alive under the name of RAVAN MAHARAJ. The rest of the story goes on how the three brothers come in together to save their family.

NTR as Ravan Maharaj / JAI nailed the entire film. His action in this character is a kind of text book to the new actor generation. NTR as Kusa resembled of Yamadonga character and LAVA is just innocent and provided minimal fun. Comedy worked out good. The 3 NTRs scene on the stage is so well. Interval bang is good and JAI entrance is main highlight of the movie.

Heroine Niveda Thomas, Raashi Khanna fade out before Jai.

Devi Sri Prasad gave exterdinary music for the film.

So much of routine story is bigger negative for this movie while, Villains looked so weak and poor. Director Bobby concentrated on characters a lot and left out the screenplay on poor grounds. Second half has few drags and Logics missed in the various occassions. Also the climax is a bit patience tester.

JAI LAVA KUSA is all about 'Elder brother's agony on younger brothers' which is a too routine story line. But as three characters were played by a Star hero, this film creates distinct impact on the audience. Though there are few boring and drag scenes NTR is the one who pulled the entire film on his shoulders.

Climax is a big let down which tests your patience. Considering the festival season advantage JLK is going to make good revenue at the box office. One need to observe the greatness of NTR in maintaining variations and versatility in 3 contrasting roles.The only hero in current generation who can make happen such wonders surely needs a standing ovation in theatres. KUSA - JAI were ultimate entertainment on screen. Watch it for NTR NTR and NTR. Hittu cinema
Kathalo rajakumari Review: Utterly nonsensical film - 15-09-2017
Nara Rohith is one of the best heros in Telugu who always loves to make films with unique content unlike lot of heros. His earlier film Shamanthakamani is too good but did not work out at the box office for sure. Now the hero is coming up with some unique content Kathalo Rajakumari once again. The hero loved to make a multi starrer with Naga Shourya and lets see how the movie went.

Lead Cast: Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Namitha Pramod and others
Director: Mahesh Surapaneni
Music Directors: Ilaiyaraaja, Vishal Chandrasekhar
Producers: Sudhakar Reddy Beeram

Arjun Chakranvarthy is a villain who is number 1 villain in Telugu cinema at one time. He has got lot of craze like any other star hero won to reach out. Arjun gets carried away considering his craze and becomes so annoying and egoistic. In his real life too he tires to show off his attitude a lot. He keeps on loosing films and meanwhile he meets the worst enemy of his life the childhood friend Sita,. The girl stays at Nandanavanam near Vizag.

Arjun visits her home and tires to impress her. The tough of war between Arjun and Sita is rest of the story where Naga Shourya makes an interesting comeback into the story.

Nara Rohith did his best and the actress Namitha Pramod  too did well.

Naga Shourya's character well surprise us.

The concept of Film inside a film is lifted from various films like Uttama Villain.

Director Mahesh Surapaneni tried his best to bring out a good output but the things gone misfired at half of the time. The bigger draw back of this film is that second half which got dragged a lot than a regular daily serious. Also the technical things are too poor. Cinematography, music and other quality sounds are so annoying. This shows how the team of Kathallo rajakumari is so amateur. Audience are going to get annoyed by lot of dragged scenes which not be going so far at all. performances are good but the screenplay doesn't even match it.

Finally ,On a whole Kathalo Rajakumari is totally nonsensical film with most worst kind of result it has got. How the logics failed in the main character are so irrelevant. Movie inside a movie concept is new but did not managed well at all. Nara Rohith is known for picking up superb stories but this time he failed on high time. The avoidable film in the recent times is this.
Paisa Vasool Review: Poor second half wastes the hard work of Balakrishna - 01-09-2017
The deadly combination of Balakrishna and Puri Jagannath is finally into the theatres where in the Paisa Vasool movie has lot of expectations after Trailers and Balayya's attitude showcased a lot for the film. Lets see how it went in the theatres.

Lead Cast: Balakrishna, Shriya Saran and others
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Music Directors: Anup Rubens
Producers: Ananda Prasad


This is a story of car taxi driver in Portugal who meets Shriya Saran and reveals his original identity exactly at a twist point. Later on the Bala AKA Theda sing goes to India on a mission. There are few twists which can't be revealed in here. When Theda Singh goes to India Indian RAW people knows off him and gets shocked. Watch the movie for more details.

 The bigger positive for this movie would surely be Balakrishna and his energy. In the character of a street guy ' Theda Singh' Balayya just nailed the character. Once again he proved that he can either be a warrior like Satakarni and a goon cop at the lesser interval of times.Balayya right from dances, attitude, dialogues and arrogance just showed
the character of Theda Singh in a perfect way.

Shriya did her best in the film.

Balayya - Puri combo would be one unforgettable experience for the fans for sure. Dialogues are too awesome.

The action sequences in foreign trip are way bigger assets for this movie.

Routine under cover cop story is what bigger negative for this movie. Other actresses Kyraa Dutt (police officer) and Muskhan Seth were not that great in their roles. Chemistry between Balayya and Shriya saran did not find working at all. Special comedy scenes are so less and Puri concentrated much of arrogant scenes than good comedy from Balayya as well.Few fights are so illogical. Second half surely has a drag which got more damage in the climax .

Director Puri Jagannath after much time lead out the movie with interesting screenplay.

Music from Anup Rubens is good and BGM too worked out.


Finally, On a whole Balayya's Paisa Vasool movie is a wholesome entertainer which has Balayya's energy as basic positive agenda to watch for. Balakrishna's dialogue delivery written by Puri has great extinct in the movie. Puri made a decent climax which is major highlight for this interesting action drama. Balayya's ultimate performance and energy were over shadowed by Puri Jagannath's poor dealing with second half. He should seriously come out of that mafia template. A leisure One time watch for too good interval bang, Balayya's attitude and intensity on the silver screen. May not do great at box office.
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