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Jayalalithaa is NOT dead, Tamil Nadu Chief minister is still CRITICAL - 05-12-2016
All of a sudden when all the media houses and news channels are blabbering about the health issue of Jayalalithaa that she is no more and dead of Cardiac arrest now the sudden twist and turn took care.

Even we wrote a news stating that Jayalalithaa was dead and wrote a news based on the tv channels. Suddenly the twist came in when Jayalalithaa's Apollo doctors posted out that She is going poor but did not die. They said Apollo hospital's best team is doing their best to save her and nothing panic is to be taken care of.

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Jayalalitha fans outside the hospital started a big rivalry with the news they are hearing of. But suddenly hospital took everything under control releasing out a statement.;
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa dies after cardiac arrest - 05-12-2016
The life of Tamil Nadu, The Amma the goddess of Tamil state is no more. Chief minister of Tamil Ms.Jayalalithaa was dead after she has gone arrested with a cardiac arrest Jayalalithaa was in Apollo hospital for the past few weeks for kidney and liver problems.

But when she was all set for a discharge this occurred of a heart attack and her body fought with death for about 24hours and finally she was no more. The whole Tamil Nadu went into a trauma of confusion and worry after the government and police not declaring anything on her death. Every citizen right in Tamil Nadu to Telugu states, Kerala borders struck to tv sets to know what is happening around the Apollo hospital.

Thousands of people gathered at the hospital of Apollo Chennai and they started crying and shouting for Amma when the doctors declared about her cardiac arrest the last evening. Twitter has got 9 trends regarding Jayalalithaa out of 10 trending tweets and that shows how much famous she is among the world Indians.

Right from BBC to gulf news everyone started posting about this news of her and worried tweets too. Whole Tamil Nadu was declared holiday from this morning. Schools and colleges were given holidays when the panic situation arraised. University of Annamalai cancelled the exams once they got the panic news. Jayalalitha's brother's daughter wanted to visit Apollo but was not allowed by police.

A big fax was asked by DGP stateding all the police to attend to their respective police stations with uniform and vehicles. This firstly improved tense for the people of Tamil Nadu. The hospital kept declared health bulletins stating her life condition is so serious till morning.;
Srinivasa Reddy saved NTR from accident - 26-11-2016
Srinivasa Reddy is part of Jr NTR's friends group at the time of 2009. They both were so close and he was the one to respond on the time when NTR meet with accident after the election campaign happened in Khammam.

Srinivasa Reddy in the recent interview of his revealed out that how Tarak was saved by him.

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"NTR and me are so close friends from years. He was campaigning for TDP in 2009 general elections and i am the one who accompanied him along with other of his friends. I joined the Batch in Khammam and while we are in return NTR asked me to get into his car but someone occupied my seat so i went for another car at that time. During our journey i found out NTR car met with accident and we are unable to find Tarak in it. I found him in the bushes and took him out and stopped the blood from his head using my towel. I started calling the local hospitals and we make him reached there." Srinviasa Reddy said.

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