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Supreme Court new Law says 3 years jail for Triple Talaq

Supremecourt, Tripletalaq, Muslimwomen, Newlaw.

We have already reported that The Supreme Court has disapproved the practice of Triple Talaq thing three months ago only. The same court also ordered the central government to seriously put into effect and punish the people who are trying to spoil the well being of Muslim Women.

Union government is now with a draft law which will show Triple Talaq thing as a big time Cognizable and non bail able offence. The offence is punishable with 3 years of Jail and Money of fine too.

The law will also permit Woman who have got Triple Talaq earlier can approach court and ask the judge about justice to her. New law is also applicable to Triple Talaq in oral, written, electronic or any other kind of form. Group of Ministers which include Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj concluded this law.

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Supremecourt, Tripletalaq, Muslimwomen, Newlaw.

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