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Modi and Donald Trump were so happy about GES 2017 Summit

Modi, Trump, Ges2017, Ivanka, Summit.

The late last month GES means Global entrepreneurship Summit has gone so grand in the Hyderabad where Modi The Indian Prime Minister and President of US Donald Trump have discussed about the same post GES Summit and expressed their happiness the way how it went.

The US delegation to the three day event has the theme of Women First Priority for all was headed by Ivanka Trump the Senior Advisor of Donald Trump US Government. About 1500 delegates from various countries participated in this program.

So after the program happened and Ivanka was back to their country Modi and Trump spoke on phone about the same and they felt satisfied about this Summit. The same got concluded by the officials of US in a press note few hours back.

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Modi, Trump, Ges2017, Ivanka, Summit.

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