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Kapu Reservations Bill passed in AP Assembly

Kapu, Bill, Assembly, Andhrapradesh, Mudragada.

So finally it happened now in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. After about 50 years of struggle from Telugu Kapu Community people now Reservation for them has been sustained this morning in Assembly. Kapu, Telaga, Balija, Other alone castes bill was accepted unanimously in AP assembly today.

This memorandum will be sent to Central government soon. This struggle of Kapu Reservation is not a new one the community is asking them from the past many years where in 5% was specially provided to them Son 55% of reservations are under the existence with this additional Kapu thing.

Kapu's community are currently under festival mood to know this news. Let’s see how Mudragada Padmanabham is going to react on this.

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Kapu, Bill, Assembly, Andhrapradesh, Mudragada.

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