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AIDS DEATHS are threatening Telangana people now

Aids, Telangana, Deaths, People.

The decline of AIDS patients in the Nations of the world is a great symbol, And also for India there is bigger decline in this rate to contrast the situation But for the Telugu state of Telangana the number is so alarming.

About 11,403 HIV positive cases were identified over here. About 5789 out of 2.84 lakh who have undergone HIV tests for a period of six months this year were said having this as positive. Aids is a life killing disease and it is rapidly getting high in the state of Telangana which is hugely alarming.

Last Year, 13,732 people died in Telugu States because of Aids. The age group of the Aids patients is mostly 40+ years in the most cases. It’s time for Telangana government to look after the things of HIV in the state for sure.

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Aids, Telangana, Deaths, People.

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