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Donald Trump to Visit India in 2018

Trump, India, Visit, 2018, Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump Daughter of Donald Trump is spending her busy time in Hyderabad attending various programs in Hyderabad where in GES2017 is the bigger one for her at HICC. Currently Ivanka Trump spoke to the first day meet in Hyderabad and she said "Coming soon Donald Trump is going to attend the Hyderabad or India for sure" She posted the hint all the way.

2018 lo Trump India tour was said to be confirmed by the close sources of ours. Looks like the political analysis people of India are so confident that if Ivanka is the one promised on the same Trump is surely going to visit India at any cost.

"Trump put his words through the mouth of his daughter may be. We are not sure about Trump's visit time and details but surely he will in 2018 " a political analyst explains.

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Trump, India, Visit, 2018, Ivanka.

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