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Pick Talk: Ivanka and Mega Kodalu poses for selfies

Upasana, Ivanka, Selfie, Dinner, Falaknuma, Twitter.

Upasana Kamineni's gesture The GES2017 is happening in Hyderabad currently where 50+percentage of the woman entrepreneurs are seen at the panel discussions and were seen explaining about the future of their vision and interest.

The Mega Kodalu Upasana Kamineni on behalf of her Apollo group was seen at the event the other day. She is not only daughter in law of Mega Star Chiranjeevi but also heiress of Apollo group and also a philanthropist, and wife of mega hero Ram Charan.

She was highlight at the GES2017 day one after Ivanka Trump wherein she made her presence felt so good for media as well. The woman also got an invite for the dinner with PM Narendra Modi at Falaknuma palace where she was seen taking a SELFIE with Ivanka trump as well. After finishing their dinner, Upasana and Ivanka posed for selfies. Upasana posted them on her twitter.

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Upasana, Ivanka, Selfie, Dinner, Falaknuma, Twitter.

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