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Jagan will give seats to those who have crores, This attitude will throw venom on him, Giddi Eswari says

Giddieswari, Jagan, Crores, Attitude.

Giddi Eswari the YSRCP MLA was now the TDP MLA after her resignation to the Party but not to the MLA seat of her. She pulled her strings into TDP recently and spoke serious on Jagan Mohan Reddy.

"Jagan is all set to give seats for only those who are rich and can spend good amount on the seats which is not a good culture at all. Selling out MLA seats is not a good thing to do in politics" she said.

Eswari also said the attitude of Jagan Mohan Reddy will be the big time snake on his back and it will leave out venom on him one big day. Eswari explained how the YSRCP people never cared her in the decision makings in the party and threw no possible chances for her outcome. She spoke all this during her shifting to TDP the other day.

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Giddieswari, Jagan, Crores, Attitude.

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