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PM Modi spoke to the world Investors at GES 2017 day one

PM Modi, GES 2017, Ivanka Trump, India, KCR, GES Summit 2017.

The GES 2017 day one has gone wonderful with good speeches from Ivanka Trump and PM Narendra Modi at the place. Modi and Ivanka gave up good praises to each other and Modi stated how India invited the investors of new saga in this country.

He said " To my entrepreneur friends all over the world I would ask you to same come make in India, invest in India, Invest for India which in turn you are investing it for the world any way. The summit is for the first time held in South Asia where it is bringing in together all the kind of leading investors, entrepreneurs, academicians, and few such people in one stage. I can seen 800million potential entrepreneurs who can now make this world a great and best place for anything. More than 70 Million loans now got transferred to women entrepreneurs as well" said Modi.

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Telangana chief Minister KCR spoke at the summit and said " All the approvals for Investment are given just 15 days of time and is going to put up a conclusion in those 15 days. If the 15 days are having no response from the government people. It can be deemed that it has been given " said KCR.

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PM Modi, GES 2017, Ivanka Trump, India, KCR, GES Summit 2017.

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