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Muslims are born to Lord Rama said BJP Minister Giriraj Singh Sensational controversial comments

Bjp, Minister, Girirajsingh, Muslims, Padmavati, Bollywood.

The kind of controversial statements the people of BJP or the Ruling government leaders make are so annoying and they surely turn into controversy in no time.

Now the problem with Bjp Minister Giriraj Singh is that he threw comments on Muslim people calling them as 'Children of Rama but not Babar ". Giriraj Singh is known for putting out harsh comments all the time and this time he spoke about the birth of Muslims.

He asked the cooperation of Muslims to bring in Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He also spoke about Bollywood film Padmavati and said "Why does Filmmakers keep targeting Hindus alone? Do they really have some guts to make such controversial films on any other community in India? Hindus are Liberal and they attack us" said Minister.

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Bjp, Minister, Girirajsingh, Muslims, Padmavati, Bollywood.

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