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Nara Lokesh is becoming big time headache for Chandrababu

Naralokesh, Chandrababu, Headache, Aadhaar.

Chandrababu Naidu the Current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is having a single goal to put in his son Nara Lokesh as the future leader of Andhra and making him Chief Minister at least in 2024 election.

This is his only rule to reside out where in Naidu is now putting his best efforts to push him for the same. There was a lot of criticism and no doubt, there were allegations of nepotism and casteism against Naidu all the time but his supportive media never took this out in the past decades.

Lokesh is the one who right now commented negatively on regional issues and irked out his own father and his own government. Lokesh made comments like calling Telugu film personalities as “non resident Andhras” and asked the Aadhaar cards for those who are questioning the Nandi awards and this is not a happy turnover for Naidu as well.

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Naralokesh, Chandrababu, Headache, Aadhaar.

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