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Chandrababu has to tackle well with Toyota

Chandrababu, Toyota, News, Amaravathi.

If everything goes well the leading Auto Mobile Gaint, Toyota is going to be launched in Amaravathi very soon for their HYBRID CAR juncture. Andhra Pradesh is now competing with Gujarat and Maharashtra in this issue.

Toyota will be getting some special electricity help from Andhra Pradesh government. These cars are now manufactured in Japan while they wanted to keep out a new facility in India for the coming 2 years span.

They want to launch the vehicles in Amaravathi or other places in India first and then they will setup an automobile manufacturing plant . KIA motors already came to Ananthapur and their experience will tell CBN how to tackle with Toyota. Its all in the hands of Chandrababu now to bring bigger huge achievement but also one of the country’s biggest investment.

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Chandrababu, Toyota, News, Amaravathi.

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