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Hyderabad roads with No Beggars. Arrests and Fine under IPC 188 section

Governament, Beggars, Hyderabad, International, IPCsection.

Central and State governments are currently taking up the bigger mission to eradicate out the Beggars on the roads of Hyderabad from now soon.

Hyderabad is under bigger scrutiny for International investments and governments over there don’t want to bring up Beggars in between to ruin the prestige of the state and international metro city. There are going to be various International Investment conferences, World Tourism Conference, World Telugu Mahasabhalu too soon.

So the government wants to take off them on the road and they are putting up Beggars into Jail for 2 months under IPC Section 188 and 200rs fine to for them. Right from today to January 7th this program will be seriously started by Hyderabad police.

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Governament, Beggars, Hyderabad, International, IPCsection.

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