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Indigo Airlines get lot of funny trolling by Air India and Jet Air Ways

Indigo, Airlines, Air India, Jet Air Ways

There are continuous diggings and problems with Indigo airlines every other day. The airlines few days back created issues with PV Sindhu the champion of world badminton.

She stated on twitter she faced problem with Indigo ground staff. Now the passenger Vinay Katyal got manhandled at the Chennai Air base the other day. Indigo is facing lot of negative vibes about the flight and Air India, Jet Airways took a dig at them.

Air India after the news spreaded out manhandling of Indigo passenger. They released a promotion poster ' We raise our hands Only to Say Namasthe ' - Un Beatable service. While Jet Airways has got the bigger caption like - We beat only the Competition not customers.

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Indigo, Airlines, Air India, Jet Air Ways

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