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Narendra Modi talks about Demonetization as its one year for it

Demonetization, Demowins, Modi, New decision.

Modi the Prime Minister of this country has got to post a sensational Demonetization decision year back exactly on the same day. Modi possibly put out a interesting capture between the people of the country by cancelling all 500rs notes and 1000rs notes where he has laid a strong reform no other ruler ever laid on this country.

After an year Modi is stating this as Demonetization winning day where Tax evations were caught in large scale. But to be on real grounds nothing like any tax evations were caught over 5% at all.

Modi this morning tweeted that 125 crore Indian citizens fought against this great Demonetization and processed with a bigger win. Modi stated this as win and everyone are so stunned about this.

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Demonetization, Demowins, Modi, New decision.

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