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YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is now YJMR, New name from Padayatra?

YJMR, Jagan, YSJAGAN, Jaganmohanreddynamehchange.

If the reports from YSRCP are to be believed YSRCP head JAGAN MOHAN REDDY is no more JAGAN now. He is planning to change his name soon. He will be called with new name by now once the Padayatra event got started in few days.

He might be usually called Jagan as of now but YJMR is what Jagan and his people are preferring after bringing in a famous astrologer. He is going to change his name to YJMR reciprocating his father’s name YSR, If you don’t believe Jagan is already publishing the posters and other things for padayatra on the name of YJMR only.

Looks like this might be the new strategy for the party or it may be a new astrology effect. Let’s see how it is going to affect him from now.

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YJMR, Jagan, YSJAGAN, Jaganmohanreddynamehchange.

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