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Reliance ZERO price mobile blasts while charging? What are Reliance people saying?

Reliance, Freephone, Newblast, Charging.

This looks like the season for mobile phones in India to go violate and blast with in no reason. Now after other mobiles like IPhone and Redmi Plus it’s now the new Reliance JIO phone that was into market that got blasted.

The owner of this new phone says he kept the phone for charging and it got blasted. The rear panel of this mobile looks like melted and the display is too fine and good.

Batter of the handset too was seen nothing wrong after explosion. Reliance immediately responded on this issue and proved out that the handset got damaged because of the intentional interest but not because of the explosion. The Twitter handle on which the image was shared first deleted the post after few hours.

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Reliance, Freephone, Newblast, Charging.

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