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What is the budget for ROADS REPAIR in Hyderabad, Why TRS government not looking into it!

KCR, RoadsinHyderabad, KTR, Bathukamma.

The Rains that got battered in Hyderabad this month are so huge and stunning. The rainfall is not at all expected by sad thing is government is not at all prepared for this kind of situation though they faced the similar one the last year.

Because of the waterlogging and potholes issue there is huge traffic jam coming in the city. Now when we talk about how much budget does KCR government has for these roads it will be surely less than 77 crores to repair and construct good roads in Hyderabad city.

But the government has spent about 222 crore rupees distributing sarees for women regarding Bathukamma festival last month. This took a bigger issue out and GHMC people are not at all happy with the roads now.

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KCR, RoadsinHyderabad, KTR, Bathukamma.

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