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25 Lakh Indiana DEAD per year because of THIS

Pollution, Diwali, Indians, Dead, People, Lakhs.

The pollution issue in this country is alarming the Indians and Indian government a lot now. When there is issue of banning crackers on the Diwali day the issue was politicized and religion zed too badly. But the Pollution that s causing a severe damage is so bad and abruption.

The latest Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health report stated out that 25 Lakh people are being dead in this country every year because of the Pollution. The Pollution can be of sound, river, water, air and smoke.

The number is so much higher in the world where 18 lakh deaths are happening in China which is in second place. Globally, 9 million people die every year due to pollution. The developing nations in the name of development are creating out own saga of Pollution.

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Pollution, Diwali, Indians, Dead, People, Lakhs.

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