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KCR to give superb gift to Hyderabad people, Unbelievable prices for METRO

METRO,Hyderabad Metro, KCR, GHMC.

There is some great news coming for the Greater Hyderabad residents from the Telangana Government soon. Considering the Metro Charges in Mumbai and Chennai the city is going to decrease the prices right from their first days.

The Metro Services in Hyderabad are going to be started from coming month so they are bringing up maximum price of 50rs only to serve the people of Hyderabad which is a very lesser one. Even Bangalore has 60rs maximum price to visit in Metro.

Land, HMR decided about the same, Lesser known fact is that almost all the world metro projects will be run under losses only because of the lesser ticketing price. So let’s see how the Hyderabad Metro going to sustain even after such a lesser price.

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METRO,Hyderabad Metro, KCR, GHMC.

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