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KCR plan to uplift NTR Garden and bring Ambedkar Park?

Ambedkar,KCR, NTRGarden, Hyderabad.

Looks like Telangana government is under in serious plans tto uproot the entire NTR gardens except for NTR samadhi to bring up a new Ambedkar Park it 125 foot statue of Dr. B R Ambedkar.

The area will be developed and called as Ambedkar Park after that. NTR Park is now currently having a play zone which includes toy train, eateries and an amusement area.

The statue will cost the Government of Telangana up to 70 crores where in one acre land is required for the basement area. HDMA earlier spent about 170 crores to develop NTR Garden and that area.

NTR garden is always busy and popular with tourists around. Let’s see how KCR can lift the NTR garden as TDP and Sr NTR supporters are always there in Telangana.

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Ambedkar,KCR, NTRGarden, Hyderabad.

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