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Rahul Gandhi accidentally enters Ladies toilet.. Photos go Viral

Rahul Gandhi, Ladies, Toilet, Enter, Pic, Gujarat.

Whatever the Opposition Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi does in this country it is going to be a bad phase for him. Yet another controversy he has gone through in few hours back.

He is vigorously campaigning for the Gujarat Elections and he wants to target few seats at least in the Gujarat this time. Rahul was in a open meeting at Gujarat today. Samvad is the event name organised by Congress people at Chhota Udepur area, Gujarat.

The pic of Rahul Gandhi accidentally entering into Ladies toilet to answer the nature call are being seen. The poster stating " Mahilao mate sachualiya " which means Only Ladies should use this TOILET. So Rahul is the one who don’t Know Gujarat at all and this happened virally in minutes.

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Rahul Gandhi, Ladies, Toilet, Enter, Pic, Gujarat.

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