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Jaguar Review - The boring saga of routine drama

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Debut movie of any upcoming movie is a kind of shock and interesting thing for a new hero like Nikhil Gowda. The kind of tension the debutant's father like Kumaraswamy will feel the heat before the release. Its been a interesting thing when the movie Jaguar got started covering all the sort of woods like Kollywood, Sandalwood and Tollywood too. The many number of films with content can be made with the kind of huge budget where Nikhil Gowda was take more than 75 crores for his own budget. HD Kumaraswamy of Channambika films directed by NBK's Mithrudu fame director Mahadev got this venture on.


Lead Cast: Nikhil Gowda, Deepti Sati, Jagapati Babu and others
Director: Mahadev
Music Director: Thaman
Producer : H. D. Kumaraswamy 

SS Krishna - Nikhil is a medical student and junior to Adarsh Balakrishna. He falls for his sister Priya(Deepti Sati) and after that world looks so blind for this guy. Krishna murders a judge and police officer shows it on TV with live telecast. The channel was owned by Sampath Raj with the power of hacking. He do these murders wearing a black mask the case is chased by Jagapathi Babu the CBI officer in the movie.

After the second murder he receives SMS from Adarsh Balakrishna's mobile to CBI officer about murder and his details which also involves the details of next targets. The next target of his would be Krishna, Sampath and Medical college management too. The CBI officer Japathi Babu was on to chase this case now and the movie in the climax says why Krishna is doing all this.

Nikhil the debutant made his best with this film itself and there is still a lot for him to improve regarding expressions. He looks not that great as per glamour but there is a  heroic look for sure with him.

Deepti Sati is good and Jagapati Babu gave his best performance in recent times.

Sampat is good. Black guy who acted as senior to Krishna gave superb fun in the film.

Brahmanandam character is just ok.

The biggest minus of this film is said to be the routine story .The revenge drama taken place in the medical college history with a kind of back ground to it did not get connected to the audience really well. The entertainment part is too lacking. Hero Nikhil though did good for the debut itself needs to change his momentum going in all the ways.

He is doing best in few parts and in the other he is posing with bad expressions. The drama has been played well in lot of movies with this mask kind of subject so no one knows what is so great about this subject really.


Director Mahadev did not make his best in the screenplay atleast. He has gone par adapting the old routine style in every path.

Thaman's Music is some what savour for the movie upto few songs.

The story line was given by Vijaendra Prasad and was good.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa was distantly well and the production values were superb.

Finally, Jaguar is so routine where in lot of Telugu heros have done lot of times already. Above all the few scenes are good with decent screen play. The movie has missed out with lot of logics and did not work out really well. The first half is ok with some interest but it lost the pace totally in the second half, The format of Srinu Vaitla was run in the second half where in Brahamandam entry was big relief to the audience.

Theme of the story was not properly intimated by the director yet.The movie does not have any content which should be made on huge budget of 75 whopping crores. The budget was all put on songs and grand launch of the hero may be.

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Jaguar Review, Nikhil Gowda, Deepti Sati, Jagapati Babu, Jaguar Rating, Jaguar Talk, Nikhil Gowda Jaguar Review, Nikhil Jaguar Rating, Jaguar Live Updates.

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