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MS Dhoni The Untold Story Movie Review

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MS Dhoni the mass hysteria of this country has got carried on next level with this name alone. MS Dhoni is known for his batting, captaincy skills and what not. The way he portrays the Indian cricket into the gallis and villages of Indian roots is so amazing and one knows that. The kind of Biopic named as MS Dhoni The Untold Story is way interesting than any other film in the recent days.

Every one is interested to know about how Dhoni has started the kind of career and how he become a ticket collector to captain of Indian team with good winning percentage too. Dhoni is having huge fan base and now the entire country awaited to know how he has started as everyone knows how good he finishes it off.


Lead Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Anupam Kher, Bhumika Chawla and others
Director: Neeraj Pandey
Music Director: Amaal Mallik, Rochak Kohli
Producer : Arun Pandey

The story is all about a guy from Jharkhand who is known for the interest on Cricket from the early days of his life. He was supported by a special coach and teachers in the college for scoring runs. Firstly he wants to play football but later on stiches to cricket considering the huge talent of his.

Later on the story deals with how this guy made it happen through the biggest obstacles of his career to achieve the realistic way to enter the Indian cricket. Story totally deals out the way it show cases how Dhoni exactly mentioned to prepare himself on career grounds.

The undoubtful biggest asset for this film is Susanth Singh Rajput and he just nailed in the lead character of his.

Susanth has created such an impact that we can just not think of another person in this leading role at all.

The way heroines (girl friend and wife of Dhoni) portrayed was not convincing. The drama over there looks like something pushed on to for.

Director lost the cool and grip on the movie at various times. It looks like a lengthy one too.

The VFX effects are not so cool and they should have taken utmost care of the same. Love story is so distinguished to the real lives and it was lengthy too.

The chemistry between lead pair doesn't really work out.


The way director Neeraj Pandey handled very minute things regarding
Dhoni is so so good. Right from Dhoni's bikes list to the way Dhoni eats
Director took care of every single minute thing from the past. It took
absolute reach for audience.

Back ground music can be a way lot better and editing is not great too.

M S Dhoni A untold story is not all about the exciting moments in the career of Dhoni but surely from the place where he came out for these moment.s  Lots of little secrets about MSD's life have been brought forward, and that is your reason to catch the film. Indulgent, yet interesting. Neeraj Pandey delivers another engaging film with a terrific Sushant at the forefront. Though there are few flaws in the film it keeps us go engaged on the second half. Finally while film comes to an end the things go

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MS Dhoni The Untold Story Movie Review, MS Dhoni Review, MS Dhoni Movie Review, MS Dhoni Talk, MS Dhoni Rating, MS Dhoni Movie Rating, MS Dhoni Talk, MS Dhoni Release.

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