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Nani's Majnu Review

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Nani - The Natural star who is raising out his terms on another mode. With some amazing hits in his career Nani is balancing back to back box office success. His previous films Yevade Subramanyam, Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha, Gentlemen are pure hits. Now the director Virinchi Varma of Uyyala Jampala fame wielded mega phone for Nani's Majnu and lets see how things will go on his side this time.

Lead Cast: Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri and others
Director: Virinchi Varma
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Producer : Geetha Golla, P. Kiran

The story is all about a Adithya who flirts with Suma - Priya Shri an SAP Consultant at Accenture. He starts narrating his flash back to her introducing another heroine Anu Emmanuel in the flash back. The story starts on with special appearance of Rajamouli directing Baahubali film where Nani plays his assistant for the film.

Later on movies goes on love track. The interval block locked with a twist and in the second half movie goes as triangle love story.

Nani as usually stood the range of his with some amazing action and performance. The romantic angle of Nani was seen in the movie with good interesting light vein moments. Nani tried his best to show case out the worth of his. The songs were dealt good on the screen.

First half is so simple fun and natural way. It went so poetic too.

The negatives of the movie are not much found other than simple narration and story was known earlier times. The restart of love lacks some good emotion in the second half. Director totally went for entertainment loosing out very much logics. The release of the film in off season might seriously impact the film. Improper publicity too might create some poor results.

Heroines Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri are too good but the chemistry between main heroine and Nani did not looks so great. This is totally a A class audience movie where in its so tough for normal people to get connected with.


Virinchi Varma totally concentrated on the entertainment other than
story or much heavy moments. But still he managed to cross all the
routine scenes all in all.

Gopi Sunder's Music is another asset for the film.

Totally, Majnu movie is what Nani fans are expecting for. Rich in frames, Superb lead acting with amazing songs. The comedy part is so hilarious and decent in all the ways. Though second half is a lighter down version the last 15 minutes comedy covers all the things. Movie closes on the note where Rajamouli comes in with the satire on Baahubali making and Prabhas marriage note.

Its a good watchable film for family audience and youth too. Nani is picking up some decent story lines for his positive career. Its time for Nani to bring up superb combinations and change his level or mode on another stand. Way to go Nani. Majnu is a HITTU CINEMA.

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Nani's Majnu Review, Majnu Review, Majnu Review, Majnu Talk, Majnu 2016 Review, Majnu Live Updates, Nani Majnu Talk, Rajamouli, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Shri.

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