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What Jagan gained from Deeksha?

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Finally the fast unto death of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was disrupted by the government of Andhra pradesh, he was sent to hospitals and was under standards procedures. This morning Jagan mohan reddy's deeksha was spoiled by police all the way and they have lead a reasonable sustenance for the motion he did. The crucial part of deeksha was complete and if we start summarizing it Jagan just like Sivaji has got wrong place to continue his deeksha.

Guntur is far away from Delhi and there is no chance national media can cover all of them. Jagan wants to create the impression into people but he is all the way interested and is fighting for special status but people are unable to understand while it is in the hands of centre why the deeksha or fasting is going in AP. Politically Deeksha might help Jagan to very lesser standard and he can rejuvenate the cadre in few districts of Andhra pradesh

Jagan's health report is here

As doctor Raju Naidu the  superintendent of Government hospital Guntur has revealed the media facts about the Jagan Mohan reddy's health here are they

1) Jagan was admitted in Hospital at 4.30 AM.

2) YCP Chief is suffering from Dehydration due to lack of intake of food or fluids for many days.

3) BP 130/90; Pulse Rate 56; Sugar 65, Ketons 4+.

5) We have conducted blood, urine and cardiovascular tests.

6) As far as Kidneys are concerned, Blood Urea and Serum Creatin remained normal. However, Serum Uric Acid has exceeded the normal limit.

7) Except Uric Acid & Keton, Everything has been normal.

8) We have been injecting IV Fluids into his body and make him consume fruit juices.

9) Currently, His condition is stable but will have to remain under observation for 24 hours. He needs complete bed rest.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy, AP Special Status, YS Jagan Deeksha, Jagan Health, TDP, YSRCP.

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