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Ravi Teja's Raja The Great Review - 18-10-2017
After the films like Pataas and Supreme the director Anil Ravipudi has got some chance of giving a good and big budgeted film. He has got Ravi Teja for the new entertainer Raj The Great where Ravi too took 2 years gap after Kick 2 film. Right from the trailer and hero's characterisation everything was so perfect and interesting in the film Raja the Great as of now. Lets see how the whole film went.

Lead Cast: Ravi Teja, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada and others
Director: Anil Ravipudi
Music Director: Sai Karthik
Producer: Dul Raju

Mehrene - Lucky is daughter of police officer Prakash Raj who will be in one of the operations with villains. Prakash Raj is so strict and he kills lot of goons out of which one person is interested to take revenge through his daughter. Lucky runs away and hides over there on other hand Raja - Ravi Teja is a visually disabled guy who is desperate to become a com where he gets to do this mission.

The later story is all about how Ravi Teja went and saved this girl.


The bigger asset for this movie is Ravi Teja and his performance as a visually challenged person. He excelled as the trained blind guy and gave good in the comedy timing too.

Mehrene is so glamorous and did her best in the film.

Radhika Sarathkumar as mother did well.

Director focused a lot on comedy and fights which will mingle with some positive for mass audience. Ravi Teja's big positive point is he made his best comeback after 2 years gap with no routine character at all. The elevations scenes worked too good. Interval bang is wonderful.

Sai Karthik's music was good.

The story itself is bigger minus for this movie. A flat story with routine point will irk the audience. Though the male lead is blind the fights are little bit over to react for. The second half has got some lower feel to watch it for. There is absolutely zero story in the second half where audience get so bored of. Songs should have been dealt well on the screen for sure. Bigger draw back will be the 20minutes lag in the second half.

On a whole Director Anil Ravipudi took a flat and routine story with bigger elevations scenes and positive fight sequences which will give this movie a positive thing to watch for. Logics missing here and there where Blind guy goes with higher massive fights totally. But comedy and action scenes definitely worked up. Raja The Great will be for mass audience and for class people there needed some script work from Anil Ravipudi. There is scope for this movie to get connected at the box office as there is ultra mass stuff in it for sure.;