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Varun Tej Fidda Telugu Movie Review - 21-07-2017
Sekhar Kammula the unique and cool director of Telugu cinema has lost his grip with some poor films in the previous half decade. He is trying to make his way better and fast with the new film Fidaa starring Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi in the lead roles. Currently the film Fidaa got released with some interesting promotions as well. Songs and beautiful trailer lead some good positive vibes for the movie. Lets see how it went in the theatres.

Lead Cast: Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi and others
Director: Sekhar Kammula
Music Director: Shakti Kanth
Producer: Dil Raju


Varun Tej the NRI gives a visit to India and here he fells in love with Sai Pallavi a Telugu pure Telangana girl with a great Telangana slang and own style of her. He keeps his interest on her where in he was already forced to get marry soon by her parents.

However Varun wants to propose the girl in good occasion but goes back for various reasons. Later on the conflicts between him and the Sai Pallavi rift out and questions himself either to take this relation for the next level or not. On a whole both of them keep their ego aside and gives a good future for themselves.


Varun Tej did his best where Sai Pallavi obviously stood as top highlight for her character in the film.  The actress played the character of Bhanumathi the fun loving Telangana slang girl with lot of maturity inside her. The character itself lifted the interest on the film for sure. Sai pallavi had some good dialogues to watch and natural setup of Telangana culture was a good added advantage.

Story was not that great to discuss for and actually a simple line was tried to putup under the big performance style. Varun was not great before Sai Pallavi as she just
dominated the whole plot. The chemistry between lead pair is good but few illogical periods like conflict point is not acceptable. The lead actors go for silly fight and then re units themselves with not so convincing reasons. The narration is very slow at times which is a big negative in first half. Emotional scenes should have been dealt really well.

Director Kammula though gone with some slow pace he adds some sensible things for the film. The fun was too well handled with a positive vibe for the movie.

Shakti Kanth BGM and songs is outstanding asset for this film.

Fidaa on a whole had its goods and flaws too. Slow narration would have been chopped with some trimmed scenes. Sai Pallavi stands as the show stellar for this NRI- Telangana love saga where in Varun is just OK. Sekhar Kammula for sure proved his mettle again after many years. He is just stunning in providing feel good films and Fidaa is surely once again an interesting one. Not great as Happy days or Anand movies but surely this film is much better than Godavari. Go with your family or friends to watch this weekend.;