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Kalyan Ram's ISM going strong after 1st week - 25-10-2016
One of the most awaited movies ISM that got released few days back is going on average stand. With the career best collections from Kalyan Ram and Puri Jagannath combination this movie thinks and discusses about the uniqueness of Journalists and journalism.

The weekend gross of this movie stood at 13.15 crores and the share is given out for 7.8 crores. This is good as of now and Kalyan Ram market is raising on day by day. ISM got good morning shows too on Monday and giving good chance for Diwali to occupy theatres probably.

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Trade circles are stating that the second week is going good for ISM than the first week revenues.

ISM first weekend collections on share are here.

Nizam: Rs 2.52 crore

Ceded: Rs 1.10 crore

Uttar Andhra: Rs 0.70 crore

Guntur: Rs 0.73 crore

Krishna: Rs 0.45 crore

East: Rs 0.51 crore

West: Rs 0.35 crore

Nellore: 0.22 crore

ISM First Weekend AP & Nizam Collections: Rs 6.58 crore

ISM First Weekend Worldwide Collections: Rs 7.8 crore (includes USA: Rs 0.32 crore, Karnataka: Rs 0.60 crore, ROI & ROW: Rs 0.30 crore);