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Katamarayudu review: This movie brings the mania of Pawan Kalyan back at the box office - 24-03-2017
Powerstar of Telugu cinema Pawan Kalyan raised the bar of expectations with his earlier film  Sardaar Gabbar Singh and drenched it as a bigger plop in his career. The distributors too faced agony where he made out Katamarayudu a village mass masala film to come back into his arena. Now the film got released into theatres. Directed by Dolly of Gopala Gopala and Tadaka fame this movie has grabbed out all attention currently. Lets see how the film made at theatres


Lead Cast: Pawan Kalyan,  Shruti Haasan and others
Director: SK Satya
Music Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani (Dolly)
Producer: Sharrath Marar

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Katamarayudu is head of the village near Kurnool. The hero has 4 brothers who are SIvabalaji, Chaitanya Krishna, Kamal and Ajay. Comedian Ali is the lawyer for this family where he gets bail for Rayudu and other brothers in all cases. Katamrayudu does own lot of businesses where the parents of his dies in childhood itself.

Katamarayudu hates women and he stiffs himself for not getting marred, While the brothers wanted to get married and they already has a girl friend each. So they want their brother Katamaratyudu to get married and now they bring in Shruti Haasan who visits their village on a purpose. Shruti starts liking Pawan kalyan and his attitude, Pawan too loves her but doesn't open his mind at all.

Sruthi is the one who hates violence totally. They both get closer before the interval bang, Where she got to see how violent is Mr.Rayudu. She goes on shock and goes out of Katamarayudu's life after this, The second half deals with how Katamrayudu got her back and how he dealt about the family revenge drama of Sruthi Hassan. Nasser plays the father of Sruthi.

The film got totally bounced on the shoulders of Pawan kalyan with his dialogues, Manerisms and other drama. First half of the film is so apt for Pawan Kalyan as he went well with an absolute story of comedy and entertainment. Jivvu jivvu laguna song gave goosebumps to the fans. Fights are major highlights and they are about 5 fights in the film.

Shruti Haasan did her best in songs she had some good lines to speak.

The major drawback of the film is story, There is no proper story and the old routine thing was included. The revenge of heroine's father becomes the revenge of Pawna kalyan without any interesting reason. This annoyes the movie lovers to the core. Songs on screen or not that great excluding Jivvu jivvu laaguna. Director Dolly would have taken much care of the quality as well. Cinematographer did not do much in the songs. Climax would have been added like another conceptual fight.

Finally, Katamarayudu shows how well can a remake movie be fitted into the native language. Dolly adapted Veeram so well that he took the entire theme from the original and wrote lot of own scenes for us. Katamarayudu has the best mass elements Kalyan fans never experienced earlier. With some drags and so so climax which are negatives. Elevations, mass material, completeness, Fights and most importantly Kalyan's one man show makes this routine story a Super Hit.;