Chinnababu is not happy with what Trivikram is doing with PSPK25

Chinnababu, A Aaa, Trivikram, PSPK25.

Producer Chinnababu of Haarika Haasine creations is known or making high budgeted films with some family emotions. Chinnababu is always having good rapport with Trivikram Srinivas.

This banner does most of the films with Trivikram only and now the both are working with Pawan Kalyan's untitled film. He also has Sitara Entertainments banner which is for Non Trivikram films. Now the same production house Haarika Haasine will producer NTR movie as well.

From many years the buzz is that Haarika Haasine creations have Trivkram as one of the partners.Though RK is main investor Trivikram too does his investment into it. Sources said Trivikram is wasting lot of money on PSPK25 sets and it is irking Chinnababu now. Trivikram had overspent on A Aa too, which is why producer Chinnababu did not go into huge profits for that movie as well.

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Chinnababu, A Aaa, Trivikram, PSPK25.

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