Maruthi vs Color Swathi Cold war between them because of London Babulu

London Babulu, Colours Swathi, Swathi, Maruthi.

Colours Swathi is known as bigger chatterbox and also a good actress to almost all the Telugu House holds. Now the actress is having not great offers at all and she is currently working hard for the promotions of London Babulu movie.

Swathi's career is almost gone in the past 2 -- 3 years and the only interest for her is London Babulu. So Maruthi took this scrip of Tamil film Anandavan Kattalai to her and she made this movie directed by Chinni Krishna while Rakshit is debuting as hero.

Though the film is having much good content Swathi is not happy that Maruthi wants the film on November 17th along with much more 9+ movies releasing on the same day. Maruthi and Swathi are under cold war because of this reason already.

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London Babulu, Colours Swathi, Swathi, Maruthi.

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