Garuda Vega 10 days collections are so much huge

Garudavega, 10dayscollections, Garudavegacollections.

The film Garuda Vega which got released recently is doing wonders at the box office. This film is a high budgeted venture with technicalities and picturisation with awesome Hollywood range one.

Garuda Vega got Hit talk after the day one and from Day 2 the collections went too far. Hero DR.Rajasekhar has posted good number of revenue after 10 years gap. Praveen Sattaru's kind of taking took this movie into audience as a good cause.

Story taking and screenplay stood for this movie. It collected about 15 crores after 5 days of its release and 22 crores in just 10 days after its release. This movie is still going strong in theatres after various films visited box-office, Rajsekhar is currently focusing on another project now.

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Garudavega, 10dayscollections, Garudavegacollections.

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