Nayanatara's ARAMM will have a Sequel soon-Director says

Nayanatara, ARAMM, ARAMMsequel, Arammintelugu.

South Indian Super Star Actress Nayanatara is currently being under Super Hit zone with the movie Aramm the film is getting wonderful appreciations in Tamil cinema currently. The actress is striking in balance between content films making them into commercially oriented zone.

Actress Nayanatara played the role of IAS officer in this movie. She has good market in Telugu as well and makers are dubbing this movie as Karthyavyam. Nayan's director revealed out that an interesting sequel for which the script is already written with dialogues too.

He expressed that Nayanatara only can do justice for the sequel as well. The makers are planning for the release date of Telugu version soon.

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Nayanatara, ARAMM, ARAMMsequel, Arammintelugu.

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