Sai Dharam Teja Starrer Jawan postponed for December!

Saidharam tej, Movie, Postponed, December.

Write BVS Ravi who worked for various films as writer turned out to be a director with the film Jawaan which is said to be a shocking patriotic story to discuss with.

There are lot of release dates announced for this movie. But there is no theatrical release for this movie at all. Jawaan movie got some positive vibes after Dil Raju announced to be a part of the project. So, one wonders why this movie has not entered into theatres of Telugu states yet.

Lot of people on twitter are messaging and tweeting the same to Hero Sai Dharam Teja daily. Jawaan was supposed to be coming for September 1st but Paisa Vasool release date stopped him. Latest update is that Jawaan has been postponed further to December month.

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Saidharam tej, Movie, Postponed, December.

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