Amy Jackson to play ROBO in the movie 2.0 ?

2.0, Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Shankar.

The first look of Amy Jackson from the film ROBO 2 aka 2.0 is so shocking. The British actress Amy was seen with the superb look of ROBO which is a kind of stun for everyone.

In the first part Aishwarya Rai is heroine who will be not seen in the second part. Director Shankar might be show casing the actress surely as ROBO in the film. Akshay Kumar is villain for this Robo drama while Rajinikanth is playing dual role as Robo and Vasigar.

So Shankar looks like making a new ROBO for this time and took Amy to play this part. Not only for the songs will this time heroine of Shankar also help the hero in being a Robo to destroy Akshay Kumar. So the big question got raised after the first look is out from the crew.

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2.0, Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, Shankar.

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