Top 5 reasons to watch Kalyan Ram's ISM movie

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ISM movie is getting released tomorrow and everyone is so excited to watch it sooner. Directed by Puri Jagannath and starring Kalyan Ram and Aditi Arya in the lead role this movie has all the things to be discussed for.

There are 5 main reasons we should consider watching ISM movie

Kalyan Ram - Kalyan has the back ground of none other than Nandamuri family and as he promised the last year was gone with Nandamuri Nama samvatsaram hitting back to back hits for Temper and Pataas for both the bother NTR and Kalyan Ram. After Pataas kind of his SHER is a disaster for Kalyan and now he tried his wise best to look into this movie. He even worked hard to gain out the body for this movie and pused out his best. Now the fans of his and Nandamuri khandaan are waiting for a block buster from him.

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Puri Jagannath - The industry hit movies maker Puri Jagannath was in deep issues before Temper and he made it a super hit after Temper Puri got this superb story and gave out the arena. Though he faced few plops like Loafer he is so strong on the content of this movie. One of the most established directors in Telugu cinema Puri Jagannath is peeping out his best to deal with. Puri is known for his way of hero attitude, mannerisms. Puri Jagannath's dialogues are the kind of attractive things for any film.

Aditi Arya - Aditi Arya is making her female lead debut with this movie. She is new for the cinema and is known more to the world of modeling often. Aditi is winner of Femina miss India world in 2015 and got chance to play the lead role after an year. Miss world girls are superbly performing on the screen for the past few decades and lets see how this time it goes. Aditi is a definite watch out for this movie for sure.

Action sequences - The evident another reason is said to be the kind of action this movie is going to provide. There are said to be some crazy action stunts and sequences involving the car chases and bike chases. That too they were captured in the foreign location. Gun fights, Knife fights are said to be some what interesting and stuff between the viewers to watch out for.

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Journalism all the way- This movie is supposed to give out some kind of commercial elements on the one side and also a strong social message on the other. Kalyan Ram had revealed out that movie details with money laundering business. The hero is going to play the character of Journalist and he will be dealing with all the mafia under money laundering. The combining of cyber crime with journalism and showing out the peeps in it is what Puri Jagannath planned a lot for.

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Kalyan Ram, ISM movie, Puri Jagannath, Aditi Arya, ISM movie, ISM movie Talk, ISM movie Review, Kalyan Ram ISM, Kalyan Ram ISM Talk.

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