Satya Nadella made what Bill Gates was unable to do

Satya Nadella, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Linkedin.

Few people from Indian origin always creates wonders all the way and now Satya Nadella is the one who is doing such proud things for this country. Satya Nadella who joined in Microsoft as a small employee is now CEO for the same.

He now made it happen where Bill Gates was unable to make it happen. He just got LinkedIn into them and declared the same. Not many know that Microsoft tried to grab in LinkedIn but nothing worked at all. Satya Nadella was doing good in takeovers after bringing his deal with Microsoft years back.

Now this Satya Nadella takeover is one of the amazing work from Satya Nadella. Microsoft senior employees are stating about how Bill Gates wanted to take in Linkedin but it did not work out at all. Lot of discussions were gone regarding the same and it worked out well on pure establishment after various discussions with management of Linkedin.

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Satya Nadella, Bill Gates, Microsoft, Linkedin.

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