Nude restaurant has 40000 customers in waiting list

Nude Restaurant, Bunyadi, Bunyadi Restaurant, UK

World is going on in super fast ways. Not only in technology but even regarding the new things to approach for common man is approaching new ideas and unique ways to attract business attentions.

The crazy people are now full of ideas and not resting anywhere. The adventurous new streak of restaurant is open now. For the first time in the world The Bunyadi is the main attraction for entire people.This restaurant will have no people wearing clothes at all.You should not even be wearing socks or shoes, you should not be carrying your mobile phones and any other gadgets at all.

The Bunyadi is new sensation in local area.The interiors of the restaurant will be filled with dimly light and candle light. Along with the cashier and floor cleaners the severs will be seen with nude in this restaurant.The Bunyandi accepts the guests only with particular advance reservation.

The over whelming support is giving advance bookings for the first 3 months already. The restaurant currently got 40000 waiting guests to turn their new experience into performance one.

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Nude Restaurant, Bunyadi, Bunyadi Restaurant, UK

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