Bruce Lee Movie Review

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Lead Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preet Singh, Chiranjeevi and others
Director: Srinu Vaitla
Music Director: Thaman
Producer: DVV Danayya

After Govindudu Andarivadele good revenue venture Ram Charan has took the time to start up a movie with Srinu Vaitla as he promised on it before, Charan was shocked to see the result of Aagadu with Mahesh babu all the way.

As the combination of Kona venkat and Srinu Vaitla dispatched on various grounds everyone showed the reason as this for Aagadu's failure. So Charan took the initiative to make them together and bring up a new script for his next which is Bruce Lee. So lets see how it worked for Charan this time.

Karthi (Ram Charan) is a stunt man in films who plays body double for all the heros in cinemas. Charan has lot of love with his sister Kriti Kharbanda and to wards his family too.

His aim is to make in Krithi a superb collector in coming days and he works hard to pay all her fees and aid her to further studies. Meanwhile his sister faces unexpected problems from Jay Raj(Sampath) and his step son Deepak raj (Arjun vijay).

Rest of the story is as to how Karthi saves his sister from this mess and where does Riya(Rakul Preet) feature in all this set up.

Rakul preet will be saved by Chiranjeevi as we already mentioned it in our previous week news.

Ram Charan is trying to improve himself which is a good move but he has to do it on the right path too. Charan's chemistry with Rakul Preet Singh is superb and the couple look dazzling on screen. Charan needless to say excelled in dances for songs.

The biggest positive point for this film can be said as Chiranjeevi's cameo as he excelled in show casing him  on great grounds. The legendary actor gave the superb treat to his fans with his body language and dialogues too. Chiranjeevi who had a terrific screen presence once again showed why people are asking him to make a come back.

Rakul Preet Singh glamour is another big asset for the film.

Rao Ramesh is making a habit of giving superb performances again and again. First half has some comedy and decent angles too.


The routine story and nil comedy is big time minus for this film. Srinu Vaitla was clearly restricted by Charan or Chiranjeevi on his style of confused comedy and everyone showed interest in searching the
best comedy episodes as this is a out and out Srinu Vaitla film.

Narration was too slow and bit confusing to understand. Srinu Vaitla did not elevate the movie on proper grounds at all. Movie goes highly predictable all the time from the first frame to last.

Srinu Vaitla brings his typical comic formula and tries to elevate the film. But sadly, none of the comedy episodes click and stretches the film a bit.

Editing should have been sharper as unnecessary scenes are galore in the film.

Thaman's back ground music is so superb and all the 5 songs gone well shot and music was too good for them.

Production values are rich. Dialogues are good.


Finally, Bruce Lee is another route movie from Srinu Vaitla with a lagging second half and magical treat from Mega star Chiranjeevi. If you can some how manage to sit through the average second half you have the great full meals with Chiranjeevi's entry towards the end. Stunning songs are superb solid assets for this flick for sure.

Out of lot promotions this movie might end up with reasonable revenue but this is not the one which is going to break records and change the calculations.

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Bruce Lee Movie Review, Ram Chran Bruce Lee Movie Review, Bruce Lee Review and Rating, Rakul Preet Singh, Chiranjeevi, Bruce Lee Movie Talk, Bruce Lee Movie Public Talk, Bruce Lee The Fighter.

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