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Hero Dhanu's team attacked Singer Suchitra Karthik? - 23-02-2017
Suchitra Karthik is now into the news all of a sudden. The silent singer who was always away from controversies laid out a tweet saga where in she stated about hero Dhanush of Tamil.

She also spoke about spiritual leader Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev. He accused that Dhanush team mishandled her. Suchitra tweeted about a sex scandal near Coimbatore. "Somebody would also like me to warn my followers about a huge sex scandal that is about to erupt in an ashram near Coimbatore. Please stay safe," she tweeted. She later on tweeted out that Dhanush's staff and friends started attacking her after the tweet of her.

"This is Suchi, I'm back. I'm safe and I'm ready to tell everyone what a lousy game #Dhanush played. That's my arm, from rough handling by #Dhanush's team," she wrote along with few photos of her and the bruises on the arm. She did not preferable mentioned about how the relation between Dhanush and Sadguru went on. Neither Sadguru nor Dhanush responded her.
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