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No Telangana Accent, No Bhanumathi in MCA for Sai Pallavi

Telangana, Fidaa, Bhanumathi, Nani, Mca.

The single movie FIDAA has taken the path of Sai Pallavi into Telugu arena on grand style. Sai Pallavi made out things on positive note and she projected herself so cute and great in the movie Fidaa.

Now the new project ready for the release of her is MCA Middle Class Abbayi. Dil Raju in his recent interview said that Sai Pallavi will not be continuing with the grand and famous Telangana accent of her she used for Fidaa in MCA as well. Dil Raju wanted to avoid monotony Set with Fidaa film.

He don't want Bhanumathi character to be touched by Sai in this movie too. So, the slang, accent of this girl will surely be other way around. Movie is slated for this month end release starring hero Nani in the lead role.

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Telangana, Fidaa, Bhanumathi, Nani, Mca.

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