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Mahesh Kathi can be arrested any time soon, FIR filed

Kathimahesh, Pawankalyan, Modi, Bjp.

Mahesh Kathi the self acclaimed film critic has got into Telugu Media these days for his enormous hype and comments on Pawan Kalyan. We know how the issue between Power Star fans and Mahesh Kathi where Kalyan never even gave a reply to Mahesh at all anywhere.

Though Mahesh posted several comments none went controversy other than for Pawan fans but this time he posted "MODI THE MURDERER" on twitter and it took irk of his.

Raja Singh BJP MLA immediately replied on twitter and asked Hyderabad Police to put his stick stop and file a complaint on him. Sources said an FIR got registered on Mahesh Kathi for stating MODI as Murderer wherein he deleted it in minutes. Mahesh can be arrested any time soon.

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Kathimahesh, Pawankalyan, Modi, Bjp.

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