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Sunny Leone and her husband goes NUDE for What?

Sunnyleone, Nude, Husband, Inknotmink.

Bollywood beauty Sunny Leone the Ex Porn star is making her things so fast and keeping her eye and leg on lot of things for this country. She recently started a fashion business and even she posted out her best time to put up mobile device store soon in the country.

Now she along with her husband Daniel was seen posing NUDE for a bold picture shoot. None other than PETA asked the lady to help the support of Animals campaign and Sunny went so free and nude for it.

The promotional campaign named INK NOT MINK is going on where the Sunny and her Husband is seen off with their tattooed body as part of this campaign. PETA is trying to ask people to turn into vegan and not to hurt any of the animals at all.

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Sunnyleone, Nude, Husband, Inknotmink.

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