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“ Posani and Gunasekhar should stop talking nonsense, Stop misleading people about Nandi awards “

Posani, Gunasekhar, Satyareddy, Nandiawards, Tdp.

Now backfire comments on Nandi awards are getting back to back replies from concerned people. Not before 48 hours Posani Krishna Murali made comments like the awards of Nandi are in favour of ruling TDP Producer Satya Reddy fired on posani.

That he is trying to mislead the people of Andhra Pradesh by giving such foolish statements about these awards “ There is no chance that these awards are being annulled by Andhra Pradesh government. Just because someone can't just understand the point how can we just cancel the entire Nandi awards thing? “ he questioned.

He reminded Posani and people like Gunasekhar that Nandi Awards were announced in 1998 long back and there are no particular caste area and religion, region people behind this awards while distributed. Satya Reddy made a special press meet and tried to condemn the words of Posani.

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Posani, Gunasekhar, Satyareddy, Nandiawards, Tdp.

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