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SPIT ON THAT MLA said Mahesh Babu’s brother in law, Hero Sudheer Babu serious on Raja Singh

Maheshbabu, Sudheerbabu, Rajasingh, Padmavati.

It has become so much arrogant from Political and religious leaders to breath kind of fire on Movies all the time showing out reasonless controversies around the film. Now the film Padmavati is into controversy for its content which is said to be disgusting for downtrodden Raj Puts.

Regarding the same famous channel TV9 took a BIG DEBATE in which Hero Sudheer Babu Brother in law of Mahesh Babu breathed fire on BJP MLA Raja Singh for making derogatory comments on the women that are working in Film industry.

The debate when with BJP MLA and Sudheer where BJP MLA stated that there are some woman changes husband daily in film industry for which Sudheer Babu posted his reaction in twitter. '#RajaSingh shame on you. That's the image u have about women. Women in your house should spit on you,' he wrote with serious face.

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Maheshbabu, Sudheerbabu, Rajasingh, Padmavati.

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