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Dil Raju to miss the release date of MCA? Lot of shoot is still pending

Dilraju, Mca, Release, Date, Pending, Shooting.

Producer Dil Raju is one of the finest producers in Telugu Cinema who goes with commitment and words by himself. Right from his producers to other hero’s everyone can simply trust Dil Raju on various things. When it comes to movie release dates Dil Raju gives his word on his best possible arena.

The film MCA starring Natural Star Nani is supposed to be hitting screens for the coming December 14th. But the time is pretty much lesser where Dil Raju is taking personal care of post production and other activities.

The songs shoot is still on Two songs in abroad and one song in Hyderabad are pending which makes it highly impossible for the team to meet the Dec 15 deadline. This is bigger problem for Dil Raju as he never postpones the dates much and January has lot of huge films coming, For the first time Raju will be skipping his mouth of word.

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Dilraju, Mca, Release, Date, Pending, Shooting.

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