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Well, Manchu Manoj you did it right at least now. Voter is what we want from you

Karthik, Manchumanoj, Adda, Voter, Movie.

Actor Manchu Vishnu is getting some good applause for this new first look of the film VOTER. Starring Manchu Vishnu in the lead role this movie has been directed by Karthik.

Karthik earlier made Adda movie where the poster is so interesting. The poster has Manchu Vishnu with serious look with a background collage of many politicians is interesting. Manchu Vishnu who is always making up routine films with routine subjects and comedy ones and action entertainers a lot. Now it's time for Telugu people to appreciate Manchu Vishnu for his wonderful experiment with Karthik.

The movie is said to be a political saga considering the VOTER problems explaining to the leaders. The shooting of this movie is going be completed soon while makers are planning for soon release.

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Karthik, Manchumanoj, Adda, Voter, Movie.

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