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Allu Aravind got pressure from AP Minister to control Bunny Vasu on Nandi Award’s Controversy?

Alluaravind, Bunnyvasu, Nandiaward, Controversy.

Producer and PR of Mega Family Bunny vas is the one who started an issue after the announcement of Nandi awards last week. He was into lot of TV channels from the past few days and has been trying to post his argument about how mega family is given the injustice since 2002.

Now Vasu started trying to cool down the issue all of a sudden, surprisingly not getting fair answer or fair enough solution to the serious problem Vasu Wanted to close this down right now. He surprised everyone with Tweet the last night he wrote 'It’s good for all to close down Nandi issue.

Calm down..enjoy the work,'. This was quite surprising as Vasu is the person who never wants to be down on any issue. But if the sources can be believed A Minister mounted pressure on Allu Aravind to ensure his close associate Vasu to take his words and mere statements on TDP Government. So Allu Aravind pushed Vasu to do this.

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Alluaravind, Bunnyvasu, Nandiaward, Controversy.

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