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Sunny Leone starts GOOD GIRL BAD BOYZ and its new trend in Fashion

SunnyLeone, Goodgirlbadboyz, Sunny, Sunnymovies.

Actors and Actresses of Bollywood are always fast and sharp in spending time to expand their business boundaries and putting up crores of investments in various things.

The ex porn star Sunnyleone too have some business interest and now she is trying to build the new platforms. She had earlier launched her own perfume line named ‘Lust’. Now she named the new fashion trend as GOOD GIRL BAD BOYZ which will have clothes to teenagers mainly.

Sunny plans to do everything on their own, from manufacturing to designing through this company. She is trying to expand her business a lot not only in Mumbai but also at almost all metropolitans in the country.

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SunnyLeone, Goodgirlbadboyz, Sunny, Sunnymovies.

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